Was Trump’s Triumph Written In The Stars?


Trump’s untruths, half-truths, exaggerations and misstatements are due to the conjunction of his asteroid Lie to his asteroid Narcissus.

(Real astrological terms lol!)


The birth chart: Sun in Gemini, Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 a.m. EDT, in Jamaica, N.Y. (Rodden rating AA).

[It’s worthy to note that blogger Alex Miller published this post for “The Mountain Astrologer” January 11, 2016]:

“We can see at a glance that Trump has Sun conjunct Uranus (at 22° and 17° Gemini, respectively), so we know he’s a born rabble-rouser, someone who delights in shaking up the establishment, rocking the boat, messing with the status quo, defying convention and pulling off an unthinkable upset, and he’s not overly concerned about who he offends or disrupts along the way.”

“Time and again, supporters refer to one standout quality they admire in the man — “he tells it like it is.”  No political correctness for Trump, no politesse, no conventional demurring and sidestepping awkward topics. He’s blunt, he’s outspoken, he’s brash and in your face, and people like that. Where in the heck does that come from?”

“Trump has two very prominently placed asteroids in the natal horoscope. Asteroid Truth falls at 7° Virgo, conjunct the 29° Leo Ascendant — Trump presents himself to others as a truth-sayer, and that’s how they see him.  

… [—] Trump looks truthful, and Veritas/Troemper indicates that this isn’t just some crafted PR ploy, it’s a very real part of him, or at least how he sees himself and feels himself to be at his core. Since he sees himself, via Veritas/Troemper, as essentially truthful, he can genuinely project that to others via Truth/Ascendant. What he says may not actually be the truth, but it’s the truth as The Donald sees it, and that internal certitude translates as authenticity to others.”

And what, pray tell, was in the stars for America for it to fall under the spell of Trump’s unmitigated hyped-up, testosterone fueled, crass campaign — the likes of which this country has never seen before?

“Asteroid America (27° Leo) and Mars (26° Leo) are also on the Ascendant. The symbolism here couldn’t be clearer: Trump presents himself (Ascendant) as the champion (Mars) of the nation (America), as exemplified in his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” 

And as prelude to our fate:

“What of the election, assuming the Trump juggernaut cannot be derailed and he gains the GOP nomination? On Election Day, November 8, 2016, asteroid Troemper falls at 22° Pisces, in trine to the transit Sun at 16° Scorpio. Troemper is in a particularly powerful position, having made its direct station just the day before, one of the still points upon which the energies of the day revolve. Troemper also squares transit asteroid Whitehouse at 26° Sagittarius, perhaps a signal that Trump’s fondest dream may come true, of residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Read more here …

source: The Mountain Astrologer

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