They Come For The Promise of DEMOCRACY

When They Come For You


So, what does the Trump administration plan on doing with all the arrested immigrants once they’re pulled out of their homes this coming Sunday morning across the country? Will there be a fleet of planes, buses and cabs waiting in each state to return them all back to their respective countries of origin, crying and screaming and begging not to be torn from their families?

Chances are good that there’s no real coordinated strategy or cooperative game plan with the state officials involved in the proposed raids. I’m pretty sure there’ll be plenty of nontactical, brute force ensuring that this undertaking will be explosive, unpredictable, dangerous, inhumane, unlawful in many instances, super politically divisive and chock full of awful optics for the media to exploit. And ultimately, unsuccessful.

immigration reform

Speaking of optics, its highly possible that that is what this farce of enforcement is all about. Allowing advance word to get out that raids will be conducted on a specific date in specific states gives ample time for people to make alternate plans to be out of harms way. Anyone with the resources to do so, will. Knowing that his egregious plans will not play out well in at home or in the national arena, Trump and his handlers may just be conducting a dry run of a bigger and more nefarious, unannounced campaign.

Anything is possible.

And than of course, Trump still may just call it all off with no physical action taken, although the psychological damage would have already been done having possibly an even greater negative impact. Family members who are legal may just go underground to protect their loved ones who aren’t, resulting in a lower Democratic voter turnout for elections being held in 2020 — that being directly tied to the fact that a majority of immigrants to America are attracted by its touting of a republic for the people by the people. To put it another way, they come for the promise of Democracy.

Let’s all do our damndest to keep it HERE.

immigration 5

Use this linkΒ to browse bills in the U.S. Congress related to the subject Immigration, as determined by the Library of Congress.


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