Artist-In-Residence: American Photographer Warren Sprauve

Friend and fellow artist, Warren A. Sprauve, a New Yorker, is both a poet (aka Blis) and photographer (aka BlisVision). He says about his photography featured on this page:

“There are existing images that are hidden from us. Putting two identical things together sometimes reveals what exists without us being able to see without a little assistance.”

Offering up a sense of harmonious beauty and proportion, Sprauve’s images reveal a parallel universe just on the other side of Chaos, where the mind strives for uniformity, order and rest.

“When I capture an image, it’s a moment in time that will never happen again” says Sprauve. “I am merely decoding reality. I invite you to look closer. If my work gives you a moment of freedom from your day, then I have done my job”.

Job well done my friend.

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