Getting Ahead Of The Mueller Probe Release (and why, despite everything, I love a good FBI mystery!)

Who doesn’t like a great mystery spy novel?


And THE BIGGEST mystery-drama-espionage-thriller that’s poppin’ right now — no matter where you reside on the planet these days — is the conjecture that Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia to sabotage the 2016 American Presidential election in order to win the presidency and subsequently, the heart of Vladimir Putin. The introduction of this story’s last two major characters leads me believe that this story’s about to come to an astonishing surprise ending!  And who are these two mysterious characters who suddenly appear at Trump’s white house doorstep?

None other than Matthew Whitaker and William Barr! Here are some key clues:

1. Both men surreptitiously petitioned Trump, intimating they wanted “in” at a time where you literally couldn’t pay a republican to take up a position made vacant by the whim of the specter  presently occupying the Oval office.

2. Whitaker had criticized, without provocation, the Russian investigation on several occasions prior to his appointment as acting AG last November, even before the appointment of a special prosecutor, stating once that, “Hollow calls for independent prosecutors are just craven attempts to score cheap political points and serve the public in no measurable way.” However, as we most recently discovered during a congressional hearing earlier this month, he was doggedly hounded by Trump to replace Mueller with a more “trump-friendly” prosecutor.

3. Now, either the acting Whitaker could find no such animal OR there was no actual attempt to do so. Such was the reason then for 45 to rocket Whittaker out of position and, with a swiftness, bring aboard William Barr.

4. Barr, who again passionately and unsolicitedly fired-off a memo  to the US Justice Department in defense of Trump and letting it be known throughout the land that he felt the Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation was “legally insupportable” and that a sitting president should not be subjected to the possibility of an indictment as if he were a mere mortal. Word got to Trump, and on his behest, Barr was knighted the new Vanguard of the United States Attorney General’s Office, replacing the initially self-recused Jeff “The Inbred” Beauregard Sessions and the previous AAG, John “The Human Sweat Suit” Whitaker.

Okay, now play along with me on this …

What if there was a carefully hatched scheme to quietly install a red herring in the AG position to quell Trump’s fears and subsequently insure that the Mueller investigation would proceed unhampered to its logical conclusion?

Think about it; Barr served as Deputy Attorney General from 1990 to 1991 under the George H. W. Bush administration, then as his AG from 1991 to 1993.

Hell, he even worked for the CIA as a a law clerk back in the day and served on the domestic policy staff at the Reagan White House from ’82, to ’83, as Deputy Assistant Director for Legal Policy. I’m just saying with a stiff, ultra conservative stick-up-the-ass republican background like that, why the hell would he want to roll with a joker like Trump?

Why would Whitaker push so hard for the attention of the president, get the position of acting AG, then not deliver on what Trump was so adamantly and deliberately vocal about whenever he saw an open mike for the last year and a half, which was to stop the Mueller probe? Incompetence? No connections? No juice? Good acting?

To finish, even if I were never to have read a mystery novel involving the FBI, I and most black folks in my generational timeline (real time, not Facebook) would be able to pull from their memories of the televised news, newspaper and magazine headlines and quite possibly first-hand experiences during the Civil Rights and Black Power movements in this country to verify one as of yet  unalterable fact; There has been nary a time in the history of the United States that thousands of  subversive, covert, duplicitous, menacing stories aren’t taking place at any given time, presumably to “protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, provide leadership and criminal justice…”, yadda yadda yadda ….

You can bet Trump’s orange ass, this could be one of those stories (cue that soundbite from Law & Order please).

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