Quick Politick

“Render unto Caesar, baby!”


SUPER TRUMP!: Supposedly Trump believes he’s got special powers as president that will allow him to declare a National Emergency in order to pull our tax payers dollars out American coffers to pay for a piece of a border fence at the tune of 5.6 BILLION DOLLARS. I’m gonna assume that there are checks and balances he’ll have to contend with in order to prove that the country is in major crisis mode if he can’t throw up “La Pared”, or slats, or beaded curtain, white-picket fence, chicken wire, whatever? Mitch McConnell better crawl out of his shell and use the balls House Leader Nancy Pelosi informed him he did indeed have, and use his power as leader of the co-equal body of the senate and present Trump with an offer he can’t refuse — namely the proposal Democrats presented to the congressional floor the same day the freshman house and senate were sworn-in last week — to end this damn shutdown! Better do it fast!


Well, my experience has been, “When they go low …” sometimes you just gotta go lower! ( sorry Michelle Obama ). You can’t step to a bullying opponent and have them believe you won’t or can’t “Go There”. 

Within the last 15 years or so, the Republican Party in general and Trump in particular have blatantly and very publicly, brought this country back to moral and societal lows, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 50’s and 60’s. In-your-face separatism, nationalism, racism, sexism — you name it, they brought it. These days, young people, particularly those of color, have an urgency that just doesn’t allow them the patience it takes for peace marches and silent non-confrontational sit-ins. They want action, and they want it now! Their American Dream is running out of time …

IF OBAMA STREET COULD TALK: The Hill is running a story on a petition being circulated in New York to rename a Manhattan block after former President Obama. The MOVE ON petition is calling for the area of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets to be renamed “President Barack H. Obama Avenue.” Oh, and did I mentioned this same block is the address of Trump Tower?

Thousands have already signed — nearly 4,300 as of last Friday the 11th — and if the measure is granted by NYC Mayor DeBlasio and his City Council, Trump will have to literally change the address of Trump Tower!

Of course if the name change doesn’t pan out, the former Commander-In-Chief does have a stretch of the Los Angeles freeway named after him. Less drama and irony for sure, but a nice tribute none-the-less.

TRUMP, PRIMED!: Don’t let those Republican eunuchs fool you. They are secretly plotting to do their Caesar in, come the much awaited conclusion of Special Prosecutor Mueller’s “Russia Investigation”. President “No Collusion” is in for a rude awakening when a good number of breakaway, formerly compliant GOPers, under the secret deliberations of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will literally fall all over themselves for a chance to stab their emperor in the back (politically speaking — or not) by means of a “REPUBLICAN PRI-MARY-ARY-ARY-ARY … !!!” in 2020. I know you smell what the Rock is cooking, especially after Mitt Romney threw said rock at 45 in his Washington Post OpEd on New Years Day!

The short list right now? Well there’s:

Mitt Romney

John Kasich

Jeff Flake

Marco Rubio

Paul Ryan

Nikki Haley

Lisa Murkowski

Bob Corker.

And look for a little color to be thrown in there somewhere for good measure — you know, D I V E R S I T Y. Oh wait, that’ll be Marco and Nikki.

QUICK POLITICK PREDICTS: Here’s how I see Trump’s downfall by 2020:  From the Left; Trump does get the shit subpoenaed out of him by way of all branches of the House set up to perform such duties. He and his spawn (including the son-in-law) are dragged through the mud with one charge after another; tax fraud, tax evasion, violation of  the Emoluments Clause, money laundering etc., etc. There’s enough there to go on from now til November.

Then From The Right; The Mueller Investigation, with its sweeping allegations of collusion with the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 elections and beyond.

From The Back: The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s state investigation into criminal charges filed against the Trump Organization in relation to the use of campaign funds to payoff adult film actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and other such criminalities. There’s a lot of there, there.

Then finally, The Frontal Assault: As mentioned earlier, the Republicans primary Trump to the nth degree and pulverize what’s left of him. The minute he drags himself from the final campaign stage — beaten, disgraced and humiliated by his most archest of enemies — FBI agents, laying in wait, swoop down on him, place him under arrest and whisk him away to the Federal Penitentiary where he will FINALLY pay his due!


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