“Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot & Auld Lang Syne?”


The day incoming freshmen Democratic Senate lawmakers will HOBBLE Trump and his Republican sycophants.

There will be BLOOD ( … figuratively speaking, of course)

And Congress’s Incoming Class Is Younger, Bluer, And More Diverse Than Ever!

If you were looking for a better representation of the country reflected in the Republican Members Elect, you’d be hard pressed to find it (see for yourself, above). This will indeed make some folks very sad, even angry, but most Americans will just feel … excited!

Here’s a look at some interesting, fun factoids of the newest additions to the House and Senate — 100 non-incumbent winners! ~ source: Politico


A Gift That Will Keep On Giving:
The party’s first order of business in the new Congress: a big overhaul of campaign finance, voting and ethics laws, likely to be christened HR 1 in the 116th Congress. Under the leadership of Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  several committees; the House Administration, House Judiciary, House Oversight and Government Reform and the Ways and Means commissions, are expected to have a role in shaping the bill which will include:

  • a proposed change in federal ethics laws that would require disclosure of presidential tax returns, allowing for more disclosure of so-called dark political money
  • a bill (HR 6239) that would require more disclosures for political spending by corporations, labor unions and super PACs
  • a bill (HR 20) that would establish tax credits for Americans who make small-dollar campaign contributions (Remember those?! I do!)

This bold, comprehensive set of reforms will make it easier to vote, put an end to the dominance of big money in our politics, and ensure that elected officials are actually working in the public’s interest. The package is not expected to fix America’s “democracy problems” overnight. Its problems happened over years of corruption, avarice and greed propagated by both parties. However it will, as I see it, lay down a marker for a reform agenda that is sorely needed, not just in America but across the globe where all countries claiming to be democracies might benefit.

Let’s Get To It Pilgrims! 


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