Quick Politick

“AAaaahhh! I love the smell of capitulation in the morning!”


WTF?! OBAMACARE UNDER ATTACK, AGAIN?: On Friday, A Texas conservative federal judge ruled the Affordable Care Act “invalid” on the eve of the sign-up deadline for next year. The ruling basically concluded that when Repubs repealed the individual mandate penalty for not having coverage as part of their tax cuts in 2017, it rendered the entire Affordable Care Act moot, since the compulsory coverage was what made ObamaCare more affordable to all.

Invariably, Trump tweeted. “Now Congress must pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare and protects pre-existing conditions.”  He also said that the law will remain in place for now barring appeals proceedings.

Proposed SOTH, Nancy Pelosi vowed to fight the ruling and “move swiftly to formally intervene in the appeals process to uphold the life-saving protections” for the American people and  a number of states plan to continue moving forward with Medicaid expansion after Democratic victories in the midterm elections.

Here’s To Good Health Care!

LET THE TIME FIT THE CRIME: Congress is on the brink of passing its first major piece of bipartisan legislation which happens to be on criminal justice reform. Hmmmm. The First Step Act, is a first step in addressing this country’s mass incarceration problem. The bill is supported most notably by Trump, ( who had enthusiastically campaigned on tough-on-crime policies ), the American Civil Liberties Union and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Two key provisions were the expansion of what’s known as the “safety valve,” which allows federal judges to ignore mandatory minimums in sentencing defendants who commit nonviolent, low-level crimes. and restructuring of the three-strikes requirement for drug-related felonies.

Conservative groups and Republican senators wished for another provision that would require federal prosecutors to prove a defendant acted with criminal intent. However, key Democratic senators were not having it, convinced it would be used by corporations to evade punishment for environmental and regulatory crimes. It was squashed (along with any hope for Trump & Co.’s securing a get-outta-jail-free card).

Orange Will Be The New Orange …

IN DEFENSE OF SCHOOL LOAN BORROWERS: Education Secretary Betsey DeVos lost her court case to restrict Obama’s “borrower defense” law (you bitch!). DeVos had previously proposed to restrict claims brought by students who had been enrolled in schools that were either closed or made false promises ( like that Trump college. Yeah, I tied it all together. ) but a federal judge ruled in September that DeVos’s efforts to nix the 2016 regulations from taking effect was actually illegal. Despite Ol’ Betsy’s best efforts, the U.S. Department of Education will cancel nearly $150 million in student loan debt for 15,000 people whose schools had shut down or defrauded them. Righteous!

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: Thanks to the Blue Wave, The Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucus’ will soon have their chance to fall prey to the lure of big money with a price, come the inauguration of a record number of Black and Hispanic lawmakers taking up the gavel in powerful committees come January 2019. Lobbyist will come a-courtin’ from near and far for the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings in the form of corporate and wealthy elitists money to influence political decisions. Word to the wise caucus members; remember the folks you represent and realize that gone are the days when your constituents will stand idly by as big money dominates the playing board of social, economic and cultural justice. REPRESENT!

VOTER SUPPRESSION, ON THE RISE: Remember before the midterm elections, Trump issued a stern warning about voter tampering by liberal voters? Then he created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, who’s sole purpose was to sniff out and eradicate voter fraud attempts? Well, he certainly was on to something, ‘cept the stink of voter fraud was coming from his side of the aisle. How surprising.

Republican Congressional candidate Mark Harris is suspected of hiring convicted felon Leslie McCrae Dowles to help him win his state’s governor election by vote tampering. The two are at the center of an election-fraud probe.

The Washington Post reported that Harris personally sought out McCrae Dowless following Harris’s loss in the 2016 GOP primary, in which McCrae Dowless helped Harris’s opponent win an overwhelming share of mail-in votes. Yep! you read right!: Harris hired Dowles to commit the same fraudulent voter scheme that resulted in Harris losing an election in a primary!

McCrae Dowles is accused of setting up an illegal get-out-the-vote operation in Bladen County, North Carolina’s 9th district, where hundreds of voters’ absentee ballots were collected and then altered to show Harris as the candidate of choice. Bladen County is predominantly African American.

Sighting ignorance, Harris stated he was, “… absolutely unaware of any wrongdoing”.

The North Carolina state legislature has passed a bill requiring a new primary if the state elections board orders a new election in the 9th District.

The Voting Rights Act, must be reinstated! Get on it #NewDems2019


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