What had happened was, Rudy Giuliani accidentally created a hyperlink, ‘G-20.In’, with his fat, stubby fingers while gripe-tweeting on cue about the Mueller investigation:

Seizing an opportunity, Atlanta-based marketing director Jason Velazquez — seeing that the link was blank — quickly registered the domain and created a website carrying the “disgusting anti-President message” to which Giuliani refers to in the next tweet below (It’s still active! Click on the link in Rudy’s tweet for updates on the Mueller investigation!).

Somehow Giuliani found out, was outraged, then tweeted this (lol!): “Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message”. “Don’t tell me they are not committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers”. 

Hadn’t he even noticed the highlighted link he himself created after he fired off his rant? We can assume he may have seen it, but thought it was some type of glitch or somethin’. Who knows.

Oh! And did I mention Rudy is ironically a cybersecurity adviser to the White House? Seems only fitting, doesn’t it?  

Be clear, that Giuliani has absolutely no impact on policy making regarding  cybersecurity. “No consensus advice or recommendations resulting from group deliberations or interaction is expected or will be solicited,” the trump administration said in announcing his appointment.

However, his newly appointed position has already made him a small fortune from lucrative connections in the industry.

Isn’t that special …


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