Why Blacks Left The Republican Party & Where Do Black Voters Go From Here?

Simply put, the Republican Party that had once been crucial in the emancipation of African-Americans, had turned into one that promotes hate, lies and intolerance.


Back in 2011, I wrote an article titled “Why Blacks Left The Republican Party“. In it, I opined why historically the majority of Blacks in the United States took their eggs out of the Republican Party’s basket and placed them in the Democrat’s. A few experts from that article are shown here:

“During the 1860’s, when Lincoln was President, the Republican party was considered the liberal party that was against slavery. Blacks mostly voted Republican after the Civil War and through the early part of the 20th century, not surprisingly, since Lincoln was Republican and the white segregationist politicians who governed Southern states in those days were Democrats who didn’t want anything to do with Blacks. From then on Blacks continued to stick with the party that promoted their causes in the United States.”

 “The tide began to turn much later when Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt got 71 percent of the black vote for president in 1936 after meeting with black leaders to push for specific programs that helped regain the grounds lost, due to four centuries of servitude in the United State. Then Harry Truman grabbed 77 percent of the black vote in 1948, thanks to his issuing an order of desegregation to the armed services and an executive order setting up regulations against racial bias in federal employment.”

“African-Americans have a unique history in America not shared by any other race. To say that we have no choice and no voice in how we draw our party lines and choose our political candidates just shows how much you don’t know of our history here.”

“The majority of Blacks in America have made the consensual choice to vote as Democrats. And that will continue to be the our choice as long as that party serves our causes.”

Well, it seems the time is nigh to address the blatant lack of interest and consideration the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has shown for the Black voter.  On MSNBC’s AM Joy show this past Saturday, host Joy Reid convened a great panel to discuss why Democrat candidate Jon Osoff lost to Republican Karen Handel in the Georgia 6th Special Election for the senate: the DCCC fantasy about turning white southern voters into democrats! Watch the video below:

“The Democratic Party’s most reliable base of voters, African-Americans remain the primary targets of voter intimidation, suppression and policy abuse, but the Democrats continue to spend millions of dollars chasing after mythical “moderate” Republicans and soccer moms.” — Jason Johnson, ‘That White Boy ‘Bout to  Lose’, The Root

And it isn’t like the Democratic Party isn’t aware of the force of the Black vote. It’s certainly used to their greatest advantage when it favors their prime objective: to win presidencies. You can literally make that point by citing the Barack Obama Phenomenon. Democrats needed to rouse up the party after the touch and go era of Bill Clinton and 8 years of the ‘Make War Not Love’ Cheney/Bush combo platter. Politics stunk and everybody smelled it. Polls showed the African-American voter base was practically despondent after double scores of abject poverty, the slow systemic erosion of the Voting Rights Act, criminal police brutality, drug abuse in our communities, the public school system failing Black children, the tragic mishandling of the Katrina disaster, massive industrial incarceration of young Black males and anything else you can throw into a sinking lifeboat.

Then the brainstorm: An African-American male presidential candidate, with just the right interracial background to make him appealing to progressives in the liberal party and independents. The perfect storm. Blacks turned out to vote in, of course, record numbers. And the experiment went better than expected when President Obama was re-elected in 2012! Talk about playing the race card. The DCCC really didn’t even have to worry about spending millions to get Obama elected — Black folks were donating hand-over-fist in both elections to get him into the Whitehouse and keep him there as long as possible. Hell, I sold my own designer “Bring Barack Back ” t-shirts and donated the proceeds to his second campaign for president! A big coup for the Democratic Think Tank and a sense of pride, accomplishment, historical precedence and what was hoped to be some temporary relief for Black folks. This is what goes down when you play to your base.

And Barack Obama’s presidency certainly put the fear of the Almigh-T! in the hearts of Republicans. They made African-American Michael Steele the head of the RNC. They paraded around some “colored” candidates for the presidency even making a half-assed attempt to indoctrinate more Blacks into the party. Without ever admitting it, they saw the power of the country’s Black Voting Block as formidable, and let’s face it, on the whole we do vote as a monolith, pretty much like every other group. And we vote to our perceived advantage, also like every other group.

When the Black vote is not courted, when it is assumed we will come out and vote for whatever nondescript, uncharismatic, non agenda, wide-eyed innocent running for a seat in a well-established, historically Republican  state just because he’s a Democrat, you’re gonna wind up with a Karen Handle. And on a larger scale, you’re gonna wind up with more president Donald J. Trumps!

So take notice DNC, Blacks aren’t going to help you win shit, if you don’t also promote our causes and address our major issues and concerns by passing bills and legislation to rectify them. Like your glorious party once did in the past.

SIDE BAR: If Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison had been made DNC Chair, it would have lit the fire under the behind of a multitude of Black constituents. Like it or not, the future of the Democratic Party is not represented in a senior white chick with a lot of  pantsuits and funny cell phone memes. POC showed you what can be done in 2008-2012. If the Democratic Party won’t make a way, Blacks will, by hook or by crook. No way we’re going backward.

Now, RUN and tell that!


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