A MUST SEE! “I Am Not Your Negro”, a mind tingling, conscious raising reality check for Black and White. 

I’VE FINALLY FACED IT. Confronted the inevitable fact that people of color (not just black people) will always be an anathema in the conscious/unconscious thought of white people.

I’ve heard stories of biblical proportions as to why this is, but of course who can prove such things? For whatever reason, it seems to be sequenced in White’s  DNA , just like it is in the genetic makeup of P.O.C. (Can it be that consciously omitting whites from this acronym makes them feel despised, left out of some deep, dark “melinated-access only” secret?) that there is an imbalance of power (for lack of a better word) in the world. That Might (white) rendering all things Right — whether the rest of the universe is in agreement or not — feels wrong on all levels of ‘being’.  And therein lies the conflict.

Science and religion alike, explains that our existence is relegated by opposing forces in close proximity to one another; good vs evil, light vs dark, love vs hate, right vs wrong, ying vs yang, life vs death.

Black vs white.

Constant and perpetual opposition, causing friction that creates the spark within which all Life exists. The inescapable dance to which you must move in order to be “present” in this period of selected existence.

So the question becomes;

“Without conflict, can be there be Life?”

Well, we shall see what we shall see, won’t we?



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