Comics ARE Literature!




  1. written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.
    “a great work of literature”


I had a great time at the 5th Annual Black Comic Book Festival this past Friday the 13th in New York City’s Schomburg Center For Reasearch in Black Culture. Along with an incredible array of excellent illustrative and graphic design works, illustrated novels, comic books and  related materials exhibited throughout the day, there were featured artists on hand for panel discussions during the two day event. The day I attended, a panel was convening on the idea of comics — whether those about fictional super hero characters or graphic art adaptions of published novels — as a literary tool for educating while entertaining young minds. Some of the best comic artists and writers around today; Dawud Anyabwile, John Jennings, Andrew Aydin, Kyle Baker and Damian Duffy, were on hand for a lively discussion on the legitimacy of regarding as literature ANYTHING that stimulates a child, or an adult for that mater, to read, research and comprehend.

Please click the link below for a video of the entire discussion.


Comics are Lit: Graphic Novel Adaptations of Literature 

 Panelists [l. to r.]; John Jennings, Andrew Aydin, Damian Duffy, Kyle Baker, Dawud Anyabwile & moderator Prof. Jonathan Gails.

All books are available for sale at the Schomburg Library’s bookstore in Harlem, NYC and on


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