An Ancient African Tale …

Imagine, if you will, a race of beings who — after having discovered, conquered, and gleaned all knowledge from everything there was to know about themselves, the planet They resided upon and all the surrounding universes and galaxies — became bored of the monotony their lives had become once there was no longer anything new to discover. Nothing to test Their brillance. No angst to push up against, no challenge to the worthiness of Their unique existense!

How weary They’d become, enduring a seemingly meaningless life with no chaos, no conflict, no growth…

Spiritually, one doesn’t become more powerful unless one takes on bigger challenges. It’s like weight training; you won’t build great muscle mass by lifting that same 10 lb weight over and over again. You have to increase the weight by increments, presenting a challenge for your body to become stronger!

Spiritual beings do not pray or meditate for an easy life, they do so for the power to endure and overcome a hard life.

Now imagine if these beings Ancestors had pre-programmed a controlled, periodic “fall from grace” along with a slow inexplicable deletion of Their history and information just so They would once again have things to explore, learn, and expand upon … They being infinite beings and time being eternal, would there really be anything better to do?

Then one day, after all is once again known, Their Egun may decide to reset the game all over again, just for fun.

2 responses to “An Ancient African Tale …

  1. When I red this I felt great disparity! If this was the case then where is the prize??? Then this existence would be just a vicious circle. Like going back and forth to jail! Nope I believe there is always things to elore and grow from than that type of monotonous existence!!

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    • Dearest Lolly, … Not a vicious cycle if you have no memory of the times before. Each time you go around you create a whole new existense. Life would TRULY BE what you make of it! That would be the PRIZE!
      (Hope you at least like my video : )



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