Does your astrological sign make you more prone to depression? Clinical psychological depression aside, your astrological personality traits may factor into whether you succumb to sadness more easily than others. Here’s one blogger’s non-medical analysis I thought was interesting.



RAM sig1. ARIES – The Ram is seldom depressed unless other forces are at work. I have seen Aries who are offspring of parents who overly-cautioned them. This can be very serious because the Aries has been taught to not trust their instincts. Therefore, it becomes hard for them to get in touch with their fire (zest for life.) Aries are not to be cautioned. They thirst for activity and adventure. The cure for Aries is to get more active and get into more adventures where they can challenge themselves. Adrenalin junkies. Usually, they don’t have to contend with depression too much though – as is true with all fire signs.


2. TAURUS – Taurus is an unusual sign because they are fixed and earth. (Many of these descriptions are further explained in my new book, The Exquisite Zodiac). In general, Taureans have ONE mood – steady-as-she-goes. Usually possessing an even temperament, this sign hovers just above theTAUREAN FINAL level of depression. It’s a hard sign to get excited. Fixed signs are exactly as described. If they do get depressed, I have few answers for them. Usually, the best way out is a good meal, a bath, something tactile. Taureans really know how to feast the senses and are very sensual. Usually they don’t get too depressed but stay on a nice even keel.


GEMINIAN3. GEMINI – This flighty air sign is seldom depressed. Boredom is more their bane. There are so many new discoveries to be found for the Twins that they can usually wait 2 minutes, and the depression will pass. It is hard for Gemini to get in touch with deeper feelings – it’s just not their nature. Because of this, if they do have deeply disturbed feelings hiding underground, their depression can often be expressed by sudden, sharp outbursts of criticism. When it is hard to dig deep, introspect and uproot old painful memories, they can be haunted by them. A real favorable quality for Gemini is their ever-inquisitive, sharp intellect. They are obsessed with how the mind works and can usually figure out what’s bothering them. The main thing they must do is not run from or evade their hurts. And Gemini is the evader of the zodiac. Many times they would be much better off if they can just slow down, take a breath and face the music.


CANCER4. CANCER – Clearly the moodiest of all signs, Cancer is very prone to depression. Theirs is mainly because they often feel that “nobody loves them.” That response comes with the territory as Cancer is the first of the water signs. When a Cancer has the blues, they almost always try to find a friendly shoulder. This can get old for both parties and actually doesn’t help the Cancer that much in the long term. This is where enabling can become quite dangerous. Many times the Crab just doesn’t feel as if they can deal with life’s hardships alone. They must learn that they can handle it, else considerable depression can last a long time. Certainly the cure for Cancerian doldrums is to surround themselves with family and support. If the Cancer has their all-important Moon in a fiery sign like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, this will help greatly, keeping their feelings buoyant. The main thing the Cancer must avoid is retreating into their shell, moping and expecting other to read their minds. Also, they must clearly ask themselves, “Is this really true that xxx doesn’t love me?” Many times an honest no answer will kick-start them out of their funk.


LEONINE SB REVISED WITH CROWN5. LEO – The Lion is the sign that is hardly ever seems depressed, but don’t let that fool you. Being ruled by the fiery Sun and being a fixed sign, they are usually quite upbeat. However, they’re good at hiding their pain; especially from themselves. If they feel disrespected (which they have to truly inquire about) then they can really suffer with depression. Remember, inside every Leo is a recent Cancer. Leos try so hard to remain upbeat and act as if everything is FINE. But it’s not always the case – therefore they can do a lot of suffering in silence, simply because they don’t want it known to anybody that they could be toiling with emotions. Leos believe that emotional baggage was left behind in the former sign of Cancer. Far and away though, Leos usually experience a quite active and upbeat life. Their problems come in when they’re alone.


6. VIRGO – Virgo is very seldom depressed. They’re not allowed to be; and neither is anyone around them. Depression is seen as a weakness that can only be remedied by getting off of their butts and getting back to work. Being productive is the solution to everything, right? Remember “depress” is a verb, like pushing a button down. Virgos will not allow themselves that choice.



LIBRA7. LIBRA – Surprisingly, this strong air sign  is seldom depressed. If they are, it’s commonly because they have other planets in moody Scorpio. Remember, it’s very common to have a considerable number of our other planets (besides the Sun) in neighboring signs. Librans are smart and find intriguing dialogue and the latest news irresistible. Therefore, talking with friends or engaging in social events is the ticket out of depression for them. In general, Libran feelings do not run deep, therefore they are less likely to suffer depression. Air signs live in thought. Shopping and surrounding themselves with beauty and harmony can provide a temporary fix. The key to getting out of the blues for this sign is to strengthen the self instead of always thinking that a stronger partnership will do it for them.


SCORPIO8. SCORPIO – You knew it had to come sooner or later. Scorpio can be one of the most depressed signs there is because they feel so deeply. Too many times their blues are experienced simply because a relationship has lost its luster. Scorpio and Libra both put too much emphasis into their relationships, but that’s their archetypal essence. Scorpio will constantly surprise you, i.e., they can go as low as you can go and as high as possible. This is not a sign to stay stuck forever. Remember, they are a fixed water sign, which means that it’s their job to master emotions. Sooner or later, they can summon the willpower to overcome depression if they really want to. It’s all about the “will” with this intense sign. And the answer is no, sex will not always provide an instant cure.


SAGITTARIUS.rev29. SAGITTARIUS – Without a doubt, this is the most upbeat sign of the zodiac. Surely, they can become depressed like anyone else, but in general their mutable fire nature has them back up and hopping before you know it. This is the excitable sign. Their job is to be upbeat and cheer everyone up. Yes, sometimes they can become flippant, but any means is worth it to avoid depression. Sag just can’t be around downers as they are the optimists of the giant circle. Their cheery moods are one reason people love being around them. They make everyone else lighten up!


CAPRICORNICUS W SIGN.10. CAPRICORN – Next we deal with the most depressed sign of the zodiac in general. Ruled by serious Saturn, the Goat is usually flying low and steady, not too high above a depressive state. No sign can paint themselves into the corner of limited thinking like Capricorn. They often can see no way out of their self-imposed darkness. Because they want a guarantee in life before they’ll move or take a risk; this often leads to their “depression.” Remember, the working motto of Capricorn is to “make sure”. Well, most times in life you simply cannot make sure of how it will turn out. Life cannot be controlled. This is clearly what leads to their depression, besides the fact that they are generally the pessimists of the 12 signs. The Goat is willing and able to take responsibility for everyone else; this generally stems from not trusting others to do what they must. That is their way out. Letting go, letting things be and trusting others.


AQUARIUS 201311. AQUARIUS – Seldom do you find a depressed Aquarian. Again, we see the nature of fixed air keep them upbeat and interested in just about everything and everybody. They are almost never bored either. Don’t let them surprise you; this oft aloof sign can have waters that run deep. Usually, however, they are so strong mentally that they won’t waste the time being down. This is a very advanced and evolved sign. Depression may sometimes comes to this sign as they commonly feel very misunderstood. Surprisingly, they can feel like an alien on their own planet. This is because they are usually way ahead of their time.


PISCEAN FINAL12. PISCES – Few signs can wallow and suffer in silence like Pisces. However, they really don’t want to make a scene about it, not wanting anyone else to feel bad. Pisces simply can’t stand it when others feel bad as they are essentially very self-sacrificing. Usually, their depression is because they will not fight for their own rights as they feel a built-in attraction to martyrdom or sacrifice. They must fight off a sense of victimhood that they have actually invited. The key to staying happy for Pisces is not trying to save the world.


source: OMTimes

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