Justice Scalia’s Replacement A No Brainer




Obama-pensive1Q: Does President Obama appoint someone whose relative youth, strong persona or leftward tilt, real or perceived, could reshape the court for many years to come — exciting the Democratic base yet galvanizing the Republican vows to prevent Senate confirmation? Or does he choose a nominee whose philosophy or temperament is more likely to be acceptable to senators?

A: Fuck the Republicans. Obama must choose the youngest-Queerest-darkest-skinned-ethnic-looking-non-denominational-“I-eats-the-United-States-Constitution-for-breakfast”-hard-leftward-tilting-tree-hugging-Aquarian candidates he could find and throw them at the  confirmation committee one by one until one of them sticks. Have them all lined-up and ready to parachute jump the minute one gets shot down. These applicants would be such a cross section of “The Real America” that the Senate committee would have to relent under the sheer pressure of it all, particularly with the assistance from Donald Trump, who is so contradictory for the sake of being contradictory, he’d want to be on the giving end on what will be tantamount to a large-diamond-encrusted-ringed middle finger up the collective asses of the Conservative Republicans.

Yes, I did say Trump will assist you, Mr. President… and you’re welcome!


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