How To Get Along With a Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


Hopping into a friendship with a Sagittarius can be like jumping onto a wild roller coaster when it begins, taking you from one adventure to the next with little time to catch your breath.


It’s easy to get swept away, but the fun can often come to a startling halt if you don’t know how to cope with a Sagittarian’s brutal honesty and sometimes forceful nature.

Open up and be honest if you want to win a Sagittarius’ friendship. They are very straightforward themselves and don’t appreciate the difficulties of trying to slowly figure someone out. Simply be yourself, and a Sagittarius will appreciate you for that alone.

Consider leaving behind your comfort zone and delving into new possibilities. Sagittariuses greatly enjoy delving into new worlds, whether that means joining a new club, traveling to a different country or studying an esoteric religion. Keep your mind open around Sagittarians, and you will learn more and get a lot more enjoyment out of the experience.

Grow thicker skin if you’re the sensitive type. Sagittarians have a reputation for calling it like they see it, and have therefore been considered blunt and tactless. Unlike other signs, when Sagittarians hurt your feelings, there is usually not any malice associated with it. They are simply honest to a tee. If they offend you, you should deal with the reality of what they say rather than dwell on the fact that they said it out loud.

Step in and be the voice of reason if your Sagittarian friend becomes too reckless. They have a tendency to sometimes be overly optimistic and attempt to do things that are careless or dangerous. When a Sagittarius decides it’s a good idea to do something that is obviously a bad idea, you’ll be a good friend by doing your best to explain to them why it really is a bad idea.

Tolerate a Sagittarian’s tendency to be impatient, domineering and boastful to some extent, but know when to draw the line. Sagittarians operate on a faster-paced plane than many folks, which may mean that they take charge of certain situations in ways that irritate more passive sorts. If they take it too far, simply let them know in the most honest, straightforward way.

source: eHow



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