Artist-In-Residence: Nigerian Artist Fabrice Monteiro


Artist Fabrice Monteiro is an emerging talent in the fields of photojournalism, fashion photography, and portraiture. Born to a Beninese father and a Belgian mother, and growing up in Benin, Monteiro’s childhood was nurtured by multi-cultural influences. Photography came naturally to Fabrice, although he never expected to become a professional photographer. In an earlier career as a professional model, he saw the complexity of acquiring the right composition, lighting and posture taking place behind the camera and was intrigued.

In 2007, he met New York photographer Alfonse Pagano, who quickly became his friend and mentor. Traveling the world inspired Monteiro to develop more and more creative projects, mastering the aesthetics that have allowed his images to carry the weight of tradition and modernity revolving around his passion and love for the people of his country.

His most recent photojournalist series, entitled “The Prophecy,” aims to call attention to some of Africa’s dangerous environmental issues, personifying Gaia herself to deliver unspoken prophecies.

“I grew up in Benin. When I got back to Senegal four years ago, I couldn’t believe how dirty it was. I realized that Africa had a serious, serious issue with environmental problems. So I thought I could do something, being a photographer, and I came up with the idea of mixing art and culture. Because to me, the mistake of a lot of NGOs that try to make Africans aware, they don’t consider the culture.” says the artist.

Often incorporating discarded refuse from the surrounding areas for each photo shoot, Monteiro creates stunning, mystifying, monumental images that deliver a message of dire consequences if we don’t become more conscientious caretakers of our suffering ecosystem.

From “The Prophecy” Series

The Prophecy-1

Untitled - 6

Untitled - 5

Untitled - 3

Other works by Fabrice Monteiro

Untitled - 28

Untitled - 28

Untitled - 12

Untitled - 11

Untitled - 11



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