Best Prank Ever!


When the bottom line isn’t just about profit, profit and more profit.


I never liked pranks. Maybe because of the fact that practical jokes, gags, hoaxes and the like always meant humiliation at the expense of unsuspecting victims. I remember always feeling so angered for the folks being taken for a ride on the relic tv show, ‘Candid Camera’.

I used to have a friend whose favorite day of the year was April Fool’s Day. She would spend the entire day coming up with pranks to play on every human being she came in contact with. Co-workers, family members, friends, toddlers, even total strangers would not be spared.  She thought of it as being clever, humorous and witty. She never saw that most folks who knew her feared on this day and tried their best to deflect her before she could set them up for a prank.

Somehow I never got the memo on how pranking someone for a laugh could ever be considered … funny. That’s why I decline to watch the many shows that walked hundreds down the aisle of indignity like:

‘Impractical Jokers’, ‘Girls Behaving Badly’, ‘The Tom Green Show’, ‘Scare Tactics’, ‘Just for Laughs’, and oh, my least favorite prank themed show of all, ‘Punk’d‘. Oh, and how about ‘Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls’ on radio station WBLS, every damn morning! Ugh!

However, the other day, while on a friend’s FB page, I viewed a snippet from the  show ‘Undercover Boss’, that takes bosses of companies undercover to get the real scoop on how their businesses are being run by their often nameless, faceless and thankless employees. From this show I saw just how productive, valuable and beneficial a hoax could actually turn out to be.

If heads of giant corporations could get the opportunity to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with the human element that allows their businesses and companies to thrive and flourish, and step off a bit from the bottom line always being about profit, profit and more profit, at the cost of their employees, that would be one helluva a punchline!

Check out the full episode with Mitchell B. Modell, CEO & president of Modell’s Sporting Goods, and see if it doesn’t make you wish you get pranked this way at your job . . .


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