Lava Mae Founder, Doniece Sandoval


“It started with one woman, homeless in San Francisco, crying that she would never be clean.” ~ Lava Mae.

That’s when Doniece Sandoval concepted the idea to create mobile showers for the homeless. Simple and totally radical! It’s people and ventures like this that enable humankind to believe that where there is LOVE, there is HOPE. And when there is hope, we will ENDURE.


  • Each day we partner with different local nonprofits providing services to the homeless.  We pull up outside, plug into the nearest fire hydrant for our water, and start a sign-up sheet in their drop-in centers.  This allows us to expand their services while leveraging the support of staff experienced in this field.
  • City government is integral to our ability to deliver our service. Here are the agencies we’re working with: SF Mayor’s Office of HOPE, SF Municipal Transportation Agency, SF Public Utilities Commission, and SF Department of Public Works, and the SF Department of Health, which has given us their good housekeeping seal of approval!
  • The private sector – companies like Google, Dr. Bronner’s, Kohler and Laundry Locker – has provided us with essential goods and services, in addition to other support and funding that makes our service possible. ~ Lava Mae




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