Angry White Birds


Spurred on by the House majority and the indiscriminately “conservative” Republican Party, the NRA, the emergence of the Tea Party “nationalist”, right and left-wing media and the audacity of this nation’s election — not once, but twice — of an African-American man to the office of Commander-In-Chief of what is thought to be the most powerful nation in the free world, there continues to be no love lost between angry separatists, anti-government groups and the United States government.

The 9/11 attacks, the subsequent involvement in a target-less war on terrorism started by the Bush/Cheney administration, the resurgence of the Patriot Act, the kamikaze nose dive of the Economy, the tapping of American citizens by the NSA as exposed by the infamous Edward Snowden, the Immigration Issue, the Al Qaeda Issue, and on top of it all that they still having to pay taxes ( to what amounts to a private agency, BTW!)  have all fueled a renewed hatred against the Government as viral as the bird flu.

Holed up in barrack styled, armed encampments and domiciles across America, theses Angry Birds flock together, predictably rustling their feathers on cue against the inevitable progression of Time & Change. Nesting, breeding and waiting for just the right opportunity in time to “take back America”, invoking a warped citation of constitutional rights that will inevitably take away the rights of some other fellow citizen not of their ilk.

Do they forget why governments get created in the first place?

As an intervention between anarchy and chaos damnit!

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” — James Madison.

And we are no angels. And citizens will not empower themselves by weakening their governing body. Diminish the power of “government” and you diminish your power to be heard over the clamoring din of money, affluence and power or what I like to call the “Corporate Entity”. Government is what stands between you and the complete takeover of “the-bottom-line-is-money” vultures that will feed off your rotting carcass after a diminished government can no longer protect your civil rights. 
VultureFollowing that, the Constitution won’t be good for anything except to line your birdcage with.

Historically, governments can be characterized as a persistent conflict between individual liberties and law and order. How the balance is struck is at the heart of a democratic society’s politics. This is where everyone’s involvement, at some level or another, must take place.



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