For My Father, Maxwell

Untitled - 4

Daddy, chillaxin’ on his birthday, June 10th 1946 — St. Croix, Virgin Islands

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Dear Papi,
Thank you for teaching me that Black men are beautiful, strong and
fearless, but have human frailties, just like the rest of us.
That life is ultimately what you are willing and able to make of it, good or bad, it’s all up to you.
That hurts can be forgiven.
That anger and frustration can give way to love and acceptance.
That turmoil and chaos can be transformed into harmony and peace, if that is what you wish.
And that no matter what happened, I was YOUR child, one of five children, all whom you loved more than you
could ever say, but never failed to
show, always, at just the right time.

Happy Father’s Day!


Maxwell Premos Conton Sr.; A Gemini and the epitome of cool!

 Billy Harper – “Call Of The Wild and Peaceful Heart”

(I think you’ll like this Jazzman!)




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