The Resurrection of Michael Jackson




Michael Jackson must be seriously spinning in his grave right now.

And if wrongly departed souls get any justice (and I believe they do) then Michael will do all in his spiritual power to thwart the success of “his” second posthumous album, ‘Xscape’. The debut of the first album after his death, called simply ‘Michael’, did not live up to its expectation and was even embroiled in controversy over the authenticity of the music.

One can only wonder if Michael’s fans have forgotten how he felt about Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment, the music entities he was contracted to and fought so hard to get out from under before he died:

In one aspect, the title of this second attempt at resurrecting his stellar talent — or rather his stellar ability to “get paid” — is literally and figuratively very fitting.

Imagine, that after you’ve died, raiders enter your home, tearing it apart in search of your precious valuables?  MJ’s private stash of unfinished musings were stolen from his residence, devoured and then regurgitated as “original” songs by the entertainer. To me that’s tantamount to rape, pure and simple.

Jackson was in the music industry practically his whole life and you can bet he saw and personally experienced many damaging, mind altering, life changing events as a child star, when kids his age were hanging upside down from monkey bars. I for one never believed the accusations against him of pedophilia and the molestation of those boys, although MJ’s often strange, erratic behavior made it easy for people to fall in line with the accusations.

Music is our ancient form of spreading messages to the masses, and everyone wants to control the Messengers. Michael had come to learn later in his life that The Business would eat you alive if you weren’t strong enough to push back and stand your ground. Major ways in which he tried to do this was to have children to pass his legacy on to. Apparently he could not trust his siblings nor his parents to adequately carry own his considerable legacy. I hope he was able to fortify his kids enough to withstand the onslaught of negativity that has tarnished his name and reputation, although they are in fact, just children. God help them.

He had already secured the catalogue of music created by the legendary Beatles, and was about to ensue on a spectacular world tour that would have made him a permanent fixture in the galaxy of immortal superstardom.

But he never got the chance to finish his master plan.

I for one will not purchase any of this “new music” from the dead performer. I’ll go as far as to suggest that others do the same if you’re feeling me.

There is only one Michael Jackson.

And he’s singing to a much grander audience now.



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