How To Get Along With a Taurus (April 19 – May 19)


 Taurus are reliable and dedicated, although they have a notorious stubborn streak.

Understand that a Taurus can be weird about his possessions. They feel very emotionally tied to the physical objects that they own and loathe it when people are careless around them. So don’t knock over their vases, don’t burn holes in their carpets and don’t take a collector’s item action figure out of its box. If they allow you to borrow something, bring it back to them in the same condition it was loaned in. This helps you avoid an unnecessary rift.

Accept that Taurus is known for being “bull-headed,” and its stubborn streak is something that neither you nor anyone else could hope to change. If a Taurus has his mind set on something,

Trying to dissuade a Taurus with his mind set on something is like banging your head against a wall. Whether they’re right or wrong in the end, they can cope and they don’t need you to come to the rescue.

Allow your Taurus to be comfortable. A happy Taurus is a comfortable Taurus, and while she is fine with being pushed out of her comfort zone from time to time she prefers hanging out in homes and in nature. If you’re the type that is always proposing wild outings to Vegas and the like, don’t be offended if your Taurus friend declines the offer. She probably prefers thoroughly planned trips to spontaneous events, especially if it’s going to involve spending a lot of money. She’s more of a saver than a spender.

Do what you say you will do or your Taurus friend will lose trust and respect for you. All Taurus folks appreciate steady, reliable friends because that is what they are themselves. Therefore, they absolutely detest flakes. If you make plans with a Taurus or say that you’re going to do something, follow through with it.

Don’t push your Taurus friend’s patience just because she has patience–unless you’re prepared to eventually discover her breaking point. While it is rare to see a Taurus angry, it is assuredly not a sight you want to witness. They are extremely slow to anger due to their patience and resilience, but if push comes to shove and situations grow extreme they will surprise everyone who knows them with wild displays of anger.

source: eHow


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