If Teleka Patrick Could Talk…


A puzzle still in need of solving.


“I do believe it’s as solved as its going to get”. Really, what type of law enforcement officer even makes such an asinine statement, especially under the circumstances?

Here is a different, but plausible connection I uncovered between 30 y.o Dr. Teleka Patrick — who’s ex husband claims she suffered from mental illness — and the Reverend Marvin Sapp, a Grand Rapids pastor and gospel singer whom reports say Patrick was obsessed with.

Ex-husband says Patrick told him “A Beautiful Mind,” was her favorite flick.

Ex-husband says Patrick told him “A Beautiful Mind,” was her favorite flick.

In a December 2013 interview for the Christian Post, Rev. Sapp commented on the mental health taboo in the urban communities and the rash of ministers committing suicide:
“One of the greatest blessings of being married to MaLinda Sapp [she died of colon ancer in 2010] is that my wife was a licensed psychologist who was also a college professor in psychology and who was a major advocate for mental health on the board of a mental health hospital here in our city.” Rev. Sapp said.
“Being a pastor is pressure because we have to counsel people,” he said. “But the fact of the matter is that many people don’t understand that we don’t’ have S’s on our chests. But that we’re just as weak and fallible, if not, even more because of the hyped attack of the enemy against us. He wants to bring us down because he knows that if he hits the head the (body) will follow.”

Pastor and gospel singer, Marvin Sapp

Pastor and gospel singer, Marvin Sapp

“Honestly,” he added, “that’s probably the only reason why I didn’t take my life, was because from day one, and even now when it’s necessary, I make sure I go and sit and have a conversation with my doctor.”

Could it be that Dr. Teleka Patrick, a devout Christian woman and licensed psychiatrist, having known about Sapp’s predilection towards seeking therapy, imagined herself the perfect choice for the role as Sapps protector, counselor and eventual replacement for his deceased wife?

Did Teleka believe in these feelings strong enough to set out and make them a reality? What was on her mind when she abruptly changed plans to practice in California and instead head out to Kalamazoo, Michigan to work at a clinic there and consequently join the pastor’s Lighthouse Full Life Center Church?

Last September Teleka was accused of stalking Sapp, who filed a personal protection order against her in which he complains; that she had claimed him as her husband, had contacted his children and had come to his home, uninvited. Just how big a problem was Patrick’s insistence becoming for Sapp, his singing career and his standing in his community? “I have at least 400 pages of correspondence  from her which I have never responded,” his complaint also reads. 

Letter found at Taleka Patrick's home stripping her of membership fromSapp's church.

Letter found at Taleka Patrick’s home stripping her of membership from Sapp’s church.

At around the same time of filing the PPO, Sapp had booted Teleka from his church, citing that her “unauthorized conversations and methods of various communication attempts to interact” with Sapp and his children had “given them a feeling of discomfort.”

Teleka did show signs of vulnerability. But was it simply a case of a young woman being enamored of a powerful, prominent, dashing figure — like Monica Lewinsky was over Bill Clinton? Was there really no sexual relationship between the pretty, intelligent young doctor and the award-winning gospel singer? Could Sapp have taken sexual advantage of an adoring fan and then afterwards, when Patrick expressed her intentions, dismissed her as just some groupie?

It still isn’t clear that Teleka actually suffered from a mental illness because she was never diagnosed with one. The one and only person “confirming” a mental disorder is her ex-husband Ismael “Smiley” Calderon, who stated that he told no one of it, including Teleka’s own parents because, as he says, Teleka was “an adult and she made her own choices.”

“I was trying to be a true friend to her and in doing so I lost our marriage, I lost our aspirations, I mean, I lost everything,” Calderon said. As her husband, I would think Calderon would’ve felt it his responsibility to try all avenues in order to get his wife help, especially if he felt she was a danger to herself and was exhibiting “irrational” behaviour on the regular.

In lieu of the discovery of Teleka Patrick’s body, after over four months of her nationally televised disappearance, and with the coroner’s pathology reports coming back today stating the cause of death as drowning (ie., suicide), the case of Teleka Patrick still has far too many loose ends to be declared “as solved as it’s going to get.”

7 responses to “If Teleka Patrick Could Talk…

  1. Let’s all keep in mind. The Sheriff carefully crafted his words for media. Think about this, if you want a man to believe he has been cleared. You go on television and say what the Sheriff said. Believe me Mr. Sapp is NOT cleared and he will continue to be investigated. They are waiting for him to mess up.


    • I obviously don’t know Patrick or Sapp personally, so I can’t say if she was mad or if he did have some type of relationship with her. Like you, it bothered me how the sheriff phrased his last statement in the video. But to me, it sounded like a threat to anyone concerned to drop it or else. Bad choice of words I thought. But you may be more accurate in your deduction : )


  2. Thank you for saying what so many of us wish other media outlets would say! I think it would be appropriate if the articles that want to post her favorite movie (A beautiful mind) that they also state what Marvin declares his favorite movie…”Sleepless in Seattle”. If you ask me, this man plays mind games more then he plays “Pastor”.


    • Well Ms NGBM, Its no secret (hey! they even have reality shows on it!) that men of the cloth wield a lot of power particularly over the women in their flocks. I think it comes with the territory that these men (& women) must have the ability to charm, tempt, persuade and even seduce their congregation into following their version of a “righteous path” to salvation. Preaching is a very passionate, sensual business. : )


    • I’ve read that the Patrick family has hired their own investigator, so its possible that they are not satisfied with the results of the “investigation” by the Kalamazoo, Mich. police dept. Gina.



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