Supreme Court Rules Wealthy Can Open Their Coffers To Buy Political Candidates



IN THE MIDST OF A GLIMMER OF PROGRESSION coming from some branches of our government, the progressively un-Supreme Court pulls this bullshit:

“Demonstrations were held across the country Wednesday [April 2, 2014. The courts didn’t want to rub it in too much by declaring such things on April Fool’s Day] as the Supreme Court continued chipping away at federal campaign finance reforms with a 5-4 ruling striking down the federal cap on the total amount of money an individual donor can spend supporting candidates and political parties during a two-year election cycle.

The ruling, which split the high court along ideological lines, eliminates the aggregate the cap on the total amount of money an individual can donate to candidates and party fundraising committees during an election season, which was set at $123,200 for 2013 and 2014. That cap was so high that only a several hundred mega-rich donors reached it during the last election cycle.

Campaign finance watchdogs now estimate that a single wealthy donor could spread up to $3.6 million among candidates, party committees and some political action groups affiliated with a single party during a single election cycle. A single donor could theoretically spend twice that amount by supporting candidates and committees from both parties, according to the Sunlight Foundation.”  
source: truthout

Yes, we know money and politics have gone hand-in-hand clandestinely since George Washington, but this ruling makes it all kind of official, doesn’t it?

Particularly despicable, is the fact that we now understand running for political office does not guarantee having any particular moral fiber whatsoever. Wealthy enterprises with “special interests” will be able to shop-til-they-drop out in the open to find tailor-made candidates to suit all their lobbying needs. This is huge news! We buried DEMOCRACY for good yesterday.

However, it shall not rest in peace. . .



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