“What you resist, persists”

― Neale Donald Walsch

Sexual expression is the inevitable result of an eternal process of attraction and rhythmic energy flow which fuels all of life.

I have built into all things an energy that transmits its signal throughout the universe. Every person, animal, plant, rock, tree—every physical thing—sends out energy, like a radio transmitter.

You are sending off energy—emitting energy—right now, from the center of your being in all directions. This energy— which is you—moves outward in wave patterns. The energy leaves you, moves through walls, over mountains, past the moon, and into Forever. It never, ever stops.

Every thought you’ve ever had colors this energy. (When you think of someone, if that person is sensitive enough, he or she can feel it.) Every word you’ve ever spoken shapes it. Everything you’ve ever done affects it.

The vibration, the rate of speed, the wavelength, the frequency of your emanations shift and change constantly with your thoughts, moods, feelings, words, and actions.

You’ve heard the saying “sending off good vibes,” and it’s true. That’s very accurate!

Now, every other person is, naturally, doing the same thing. And so the ether—the “air” between you—is filled with energy; a Matrix of intertwining, interwoven personal “vibes” that form a tapestry more complex than you could ever imagine.

This weave is the combined energy field within which you live. It is powerful, and affects everything. Including you. You then send out newly created “vibes,” impacted as you are by the incoming vibes to which you are being subjected, and these, in turn, add to and shift the Matrix—which in turn affects the energy field of everybody else, which impacts the vibes they send off, which impacts the Matrix—which impacts you… and so forth.

Now you may think this is all just fanciful illusion—but have you ever walked into a room where the “air was so thick you could cut it with a knife”?

Or have you ever heard of two scientists working on the same problem at the same time—on opposite sides of the globe—each working on the problem without the other’s knowledge, and each suddenly coming up with the same solution simultaneously—and independently?

These are common occurrences, and some of the more obvious manifestations of The Matrix.

The Matrix—the combined current energy field within any given parameter—is a powerful vibe. It can directly impact, affect, and create physical objects and events.

(“Wherever two or more are gathered in My name… ”)

Your popular psychology has termed this energy Matrix the “Collective Consciousness.” It can, and does, affect everything on your planet: the prospects of war and the chances for peace; geophysical upheaval or a planet becalmed; widespread illness or worldwide wellness.

All is the result of consciousness.

So, too, the more specific events and conditions in your personal life.

Q: That’s fascinating, but what does it have to do with sex?

Patience. I’m getting to that.

All the world is exchanging energy all the time.

Your energy is pushing out, touching everything else. Everything and everyone else is touching you. But now an interesting thing happens. At some point midway between you and everything else—those energies meet.

To make a more vivid description, let’s imagine two people in a room. They are on the far sides of the room from each other. We’ll call them Tom and Mary.

Now Tom’s personal energy is transmitting signals about Tom in a 360-degree circle out in the universe. Some of that energy wave hits Mary.

Mary, meanwhile, is emitting her own energy—some of which hits Tom.

But these energies meet each other in a way you may not have thought of. They meet midway between Tom and Mary. Here, the energies unite (remember now, these energies are physical phenomena; they can be measured, felt) and combine to form a new energy unit we’ll call “Tomary.” It is the energy of Tom and Mary combined.

Tom and Mary could very well call this energy The Body Between Us—for it is just that: a body of energy to which both are connected, which both are feeding the continuing energies which flow to it, and which is sending energies back to its two “sponsors” along the thread, or cord, or pipeline that always exists within the Matrix. (Indeed, this “pipeline” is the Matrix.)

It is this experience of “Tomary” which is the truth of Tom and Mary. It is to this Holy Communion that both are drawn. For they feel, along the pipeline, the sublime joy of the Body Between, of the Joined One, of the Blessed Union.

Tom and Mary, standing off at a distance, can feel—in a physical way—what is going on in the Matrix. Both are urgently drawn toward this experience. They want to move toward each other! At once!

Now their “training” sets in. The world has trained them to slow down, to mistrust the feeling, to guard against “hurt,” to hold back.

But the soul… wants to know “Tomary”—now!

If the two are lucky, they will be free enough to set aside their fears and trust that love is all there is.

They are irrevocably drawn now, these two, to the Body Between Them. TOMARY is already being experienced metaphysically, and Tom and Mary will want to experience it physically. So they’ll move closer together. Not to get to each other. It looks that way to the casual observer. But they are each trying to get to TOMARY. They are trying to reach that place of Divine Union which already exists between them. The place where they already know they are One— and what it is like to Be One.

So they move toward this “feeling” they are experiencing, and, as they close the gap between them, as they “shorten the cord,” the energy they are both sending to TOMARY travels a shorter distance and is thus more intense.

They move closer still. The shorter the distance, the greater the intensity. They move closer still. Once more the intensity increases.

Now they stand just a few feet apart. The Body Between them is glowing hot. Vibrating with terrific speed. The “connection” to and from TOMARY is thicker, wider, brighter, burning with the transfer of incredible energy. The two are said to be “burning with desire.” They are!

They move closer still.

Now, they touch.

The sensation is almost unbearable. Exquisite. They feel, at the point of their touch, all the energy of TOMARY— all the compacted, intensely unified substance of their Combined Being.

If you open yourself to your greatest sensitivity, you’ll be able to feel this subtle, sublime energy as a tingling when you touch—sometimes the “tingling” will run right through you—or as heat at the point of your touch—heat which you may also suddenly feel throughout your body—but concentrated deeply within your lower chakra, or energy center.

It will “burn” there especially intensely—and Tom and Mary will now be said to have the “hots” for each other! Now the two embrace, and they close the gap even further, with Tom, Mary, and Tomary all filling nearly the same space. Tom and Mary can feel Tomary between them —and they want to get even closer—to literally meld with Tomary. To become Tomary in physical form. I have created in the male and female bodies a way to do that. At this moment, Tom and Mary’s bodies are ready to do that. Tom’s body is now ready to literally enter Mary. Mary’s body is ready to literally receive Tom within her. The tingling, the burning, is now beyond intense. It is… indescribable. The two physical bodies join. Tom, Mary, and Tomary become One. In the flesh. 

Still the energies flow between them. Urgently. Passionately.

They heave. They move. They can’t get enough of each other, can’t get close enough together. They strive to get close. Close. CLOSER.

They explode—literally—and their entire physical bodies convulse. The vibration sends ripples to their fingertips. In the explosion of their oneness they have known the God and the Goddess, the Alpha and the Omega, the All and the Nothing—the Essence of life—the Experience of That Which Is.

There are physical chemistries as well. The two have become One—and a third entity often is created of the two, in physical form.

Thus, an outpicturing of TOMARY is created. Flesh of their flesh. Blood of their blood.

They have literally created life!

Have I not said that ye are Gods?

— God, From Neal Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations With God’.

I’m one of those bloggers that are inspired to do a blog off of a beautiful image as much as a pressing news topic.
When I saw the image above on a friend’s FB page, it called out to me to animate it somehow, so I created a gif that had the bodies of the figures shifting back and forth as if moving towards and then away from each other; in and out, back and forth, to and ‘fro,  … ying and yang.

Pleased with my rendition of the pic, I sat admiring it for a while when I was reminded of this wonderful passage from a book that literally kept me from losing my mind a few years back. It was called ‘Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue’ by Neal Donald Walsch.
Mr. Walsch claims to have had talks with God through the process of ‘auto-writing’ that began one day when, furious with what had been his miserable life, he screamed out to God asking what was his purpose!


Neale Donald Walsch

And he says God answered him!

Mr. Walsch gets to personally ask God all those pertinent questions about Jesus, life, death, prejudice, hatred, war, the universe, alien life and, of course, sex. The response given for the latter has got to be the most beautifully exquisite description of the sex act I’ve ever read or heard. It was the excerpt I was reminded of by the featured image for this blog.

The book IS nonfiction, but I won’t go into that any further here lol! Just suffice it to say that I’m willing to bet after having read this passage, you’ll be in search of your own copy. 




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