Flightmare MH370 – Is this a setup?

law and order

Can the media be purposely leading the public?

A few days ago I read one of the most disturbing and frightening ‘worst case scenarios’ yet to be given by amateur theorists to explain the disappearance of Malaysian Air Flight MH370. Following an Aol.com newspress article on the timeline of events regarding the missing plane,  commenter Paul Moyer made this chilling statement:

“Here’s my theory for what it’s worth: This plane is in tact, hiding for the moment and will return soon possibly to the spot it left from or could end up about anywhere. When it returns [sic]airborn, we will be led to believe the original passengers are on board and are mostly fine. Although that sounds great and very [sic]hopefull, the actual truth is.., This plane will be loaded with either dead passengers or no passengers at all and rather fake or painted to look like passengers from a “fighter jet view” in an effort to let the plane now loaded with nuclear weapons actually land at a large int’l airport and “BOOM”. No more airport there for 500 years, as it is now nuclear wasteland. Or on it’s way to an airport, it [sic]flys into buildings or worse, a major function such as a superbowl type event. Could it be possible that this far outdoes 911? Could this have been a plan in the works for months or even years? This plan didn’t come up within minuets of take off. Was this a well though out plan over some time? Time in deed will tell…”

Not to be outdone, a second commenter, member name iguyuabso, chimed in shortly thereafter…

“personally I believe we will see that 777 again. this time, empty of passengers, full of explosives and only moments before it flies into one of the worlds tallest buildings. terrorist organizations will pay dearly for a flight ready 777. i think the search should concentrate on airstrips able to land her within the fuel window. any half ass pilot could fly under radar basement level for hours and deliver a plane to a waiting airstrip where it could be immediately camouflaged or concealed in a hangar.”

Considering the enormous void left by no clear evidence to suggest otherwise, speculation on what may have happened to those 239 passengers would evidently lead to a hi-jacking/ terrorist scenario. Especially upon the mentioning by the press of two passengers onboard travelling with stolen passports. And of course they’re Iranian nationals.

Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, said to have boarded Flight MH370 with fake passports.
Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, said to have boarded Flight MH370 with fake passports.

Then the information ominously gets swallowed back up into the media black hole of “what we know now…” following officials declaring that the men had no apparent links to any terrorist groups. I breathed a momentary sigh of relief right before the vision of a law & orderish type courtroom scene came to mind.

In it, a defense lawyer is wittingly causing a witness to make an inadmissible statement, knowing  that the judge will order it struck from the record and that the jury strike the information from its memory. But really, how is that possible? The seed has already been sown in the jourors mind, whether they mean for it to or not. The lawyer reveals a sly grin to the tv audience as he pledges “No contest Your Honor.”

Given the U.S.’ recent history with terrorism, all that’s needed to conclude a terrorist plot is underway is the mention of Iran. Even the dullest among us will latch onto that conclusion. Not to mention the fact that the identification of the two Iranian passengers aboard Flight MH370 are the only verified identities from the passenger list that the public has been given so far. Are we being led? 

“People don’t always mean what they want you to think they mean, so you have to listen for something else.” This quote is from the novel ‘Montaro Caine’ by legendary actor and now author Sidney Poitier and is absolutely applicable here.

Those of us who harbour doubts on the facts as presented regarding  911,  will tread softly among the rhetoric of terrorism for real answers. 



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