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2009 Penguin UK Anniversary Edition of George Orwell's 1984.

2009 Penguin UK Anniversary Edition of George Orwell’s 1984.

Strikingly bold, graphic images always grab my attention. Like shiny things in the dark. When I came across the image above I wanted to find out the story behind it. To my surprise (and somewhat, foggy memory) it was from a most revered novel of mine and countless others, George Orwell’s 1984!

Ever feel your Life go into flux? Mine is doing that regularly these days. I’m just going with the flow…

The following article is based on the political ideology from the novel ‘1984’:

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;” is one of the three slogans of the English Socialist Party (“INGSOC” for short) of Oceania. The goal of the INGSOC is to achieve total control over the people and, more importantly, over their minds. And here lies the answer.

The concept of “war is peace” is used today by the United States of America and NATO, when they engage in the so called “preemptive wars.” The term itself is a paradox, because one cannot start a war in order to prevent it.

“Freedom is slavery” is the very base of our global societies and the biggest and most ignored problem of a so called democracy. All human beings are “currency slaves,” meaning that they must work to survive (though physical labor could have been abolished by now), but at the same time, almost all of them strongly believe they are free. I urge all those who consider themselves free, to stop paying taxes for the already “owned” possessions (e.g. house, car, land, etc.) and see what happens.

Finally, the strength given by ignorance is highly encouraged in our society: never question authority, law, legal institutions, school books, history, main stream media or main stream scientific communities.  Any deviation from the socially accepted norm is swiftly fought and corrected by society, with the help of the individuals. We are both prisoners and prison masters, constantly policing ourselves and each other. And even though we are not aware of it, we are all subjects to carefully designed mind programming, indoctrination and brainwashing, from birth to death.



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