Lady O, GMOs & the FDA

First Lady makes her first move on the FDA.

As part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” fourth anniversary celebration campaign this year, Michelle Obama and the Food and Drug Administration are working together to roll out the first changes to nutrition labels in more than 20 years. The main goal of the makeover is to focus the consumer’s attention on the number of calories rather than the amount of fat food has, which was the original focus when the labels were created two decades ago.

The “new and improved, more user-friendly” proposed changes will be as  follows:

  • Calorie counts will be in bigger, bolder print than other facts.
  • Grams of added sugars, whether they come from corn syrup, honey, sucrose or any other source, will be shown in one number.
  • Serving sizes will reflect portions people typically eat, as shown by studies — meaning they will be bigger than serving sizes are now on many products.
  • “Calories from fat” will be gone, while total fat, saturated and trans fats remain, reflecting science showing the type of fat people eat is more important than the amount.
  • Labels will list vitamin D and potassium instead of vitamins A and C, reflecting shifting concerns about common deficiencies in American diets.
  • The FDA will be open to comments on the new labels during the next 90 days so they can test how people respond to the changes. After that, they will give manufacturers about two years to instate the new labels, according to the Associated Press.

050_dressing_label_zoomIndeed, a great first step M’ Lady, but can I suggest taking your efforts a step further by putting your formidable power behind the demands by consumers that the FDA require companies using genetically modified organisms, unpopularly known as GMOs, to put that information clearly on food labels as well. And that includes stating whether farm animals raised for food were given GMO feed, as well as and including, the by-products of the animal, like the yogurt from cow’s milk (y’know, obvious stuff like that).

I could also stand to see on food labels, a listing of the pesticides utilized in the growing  process of all foods from corn to cow. Yeah, those will be some big-ass labels, but that info will help in consumers having some say about what we put into our bodies for nourishment.

We can diet and eat more healthily to get rid of excess fat, but toxic poisoning from our food and water, well…  that’s forever!


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