Nectar of the Gods

Ginger, sorrel, maubi bark, soursop

Plants of the Gods; ginger, sorrel, maubi bark, soursop.

For those of you unlucky enough not to have an ‘I-lan’ acquaintance around to make you authentic Caribbean beverages, don’t worry, be happy! I’ve posted a few here just to show you what you’ve been missing.  Ginger Beer, Maubi, Sorrel and Soursop were all drinks given to me as a child by my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins whenever my parents herded my sisters, my brother and I — all born in the States — “back home” to St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Just so we can get a taste of “where we from”. And oh! what a taste sensation those precious trips were!

All but the last recipe are from my copy of Krusan Nynyam From Mampoo Kitchen by Laura L Moorhead, an old weather-beaten book of authentic Crucian recipes I inherited from my Popi. The book takes you back to a time when the sea was your fresh fish market, the land  your green grocer and the bush supplied everything you needed, from medicine to thirst quenching drinks! Here are 4 of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages you non-islanders can try : )

The hand preparations for these delicious elixirs were handed down from generation to generation and are still practiced by many, sans the fancy blenders and kitchen utensils.  Aah! Give me the simple life!




The Mampoo Kitchen’s recipe for soursop was too vague to blog here, so I took the liberty of venturing over to the Cook Like A Jamaican website and grabbed Cook Fay DeLeon’s recipe for this drink that’s a favorite all over the Caribbean. Relax… Mrs. DeLeon’s recipe calls for a blender. N’joy!



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