See With Your Ears


If you listen hard enough, your ears will begin to see things.

“People don’t always mean what they want you to think they mean,” his grandfather, still living in retirement in Carmel, California, and fast approaching the age of 100, had told him when he was just a boy. “So you have to listen for something else.”

“What, Granpa?” the then six year old had asked, looking up at his protector and teacher. Philip L. Caine had brushed away his grandson’s tears as the child cuddled in his arms, wounded by a playmate’s unkept promise to exchange toys.

sidney poitiers bookMontero would never forget his grandfather’s answer to that simple question. It would have a profound effect on his life from that moment on.

“If you listen hard enough, your ears will begin to see things. And one day you will be able to listen to someone and see their real meaning hidden underneath their words. And sometimes you will even find those meanings sitting right on top of their words as bold as ever, because a lot of people won’t know that your ears can see the truth.”

Thank goodness for all the writers who put sensations to words.

sidney poitier

Excerpt from the science-fiction/thriller novel ‘Montaro Caine’ by renowned actor and director Sidney Poitier…. that’s right Sidney “They call me Mr. Tibbs!” Poitier!



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