How to Get Along With a Pisces (February 19 – March 19)


Pisces is a very emotional and intuitive sign and has a knack for being able to sympathize and understand where others are coming from.

Besides being quite possibly the kindest sign of the zodiac, Pisces are dreamy, mysterious, and very endearing to all who meet them. There’s something of an otherworldly, indescribable quality to them that tends to attract others. While submissive Pisces will get along with most people, they definitely appreciate certain personalities more than others.

Open up to your Pisces friend or acquaintance without any fear or holding anything back. Pisces is a very emotional and intuitive sign and has a knack for being able to sympathize and understand where others are coming from. If you are already close, this is the obvious choice when deciding who to go to for a shoulder to lean on (or to cry on.)

Protect him from individuals who might try to manipulate him or take advantage of him. A Pisces has a very hard time spotting those who might have negative or selfish intentions because they are naive and off in their own dream worlds. They don’t always understand the harsh, cold realities of the real world. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to watch their backs and bring such situations or people to their attention.

Give your Pisces friend a jump-start if you notice her falling into a state of laziness or apathy. Because they are so creative and artistic, they loathe the concept of demanding assignments and the grueling monotony of the 9 to 5 existence. Nevertheless, avoiding these things is obviously not good for them. Sometimes they just need a little reminder to get them moving.

Make sure you don’t let your friend spiral into a pattern of escapism. This can manifest in many forms, but it often shows up as disappearing into novels, video games, alcohol, or drug abuse for long periods of time. While indulging in these activities can be healthy to some extent, Pisces has a habit of becoming addicted to things that let them escape from this reality. This can have disastrous results on all areas of their lives. If necessary, unplug the Wii or take the bottle away.

Return all of the good deeds and favors that your friend offers you. Pisces is eternally giving and selfless by nature, and rarely asks for anything in return. This too often leads to them not getting as much back. To be a truly good friend to a Pisces, offer her the same amount of support that she has given to you.

source: eHow



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