One Guy’s Open Letter On Valentine’s Day

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“Oh Yeah Babes! You Bet Us Guys Care That Valentine’s Day Is A Big Deal To The Ladies!” …

the-st-valentines-day-massacre“Hey Honey!

Just for the record, I want to say that I don’t mind the pressure I come under as we approach another Valentine’s Day. 

Nor do I mind the expectations put upon me to be romantic on command just because of some arbitrary date on the calendar chosen by ad execs in the greeting card industry.

And I don’t even mind the irony that an actual mob massacre took place on this very date (well, maybe I do just a little).

It’s just that I, and most of my male friends, look at Valentine’s Day as a unique opportunity to show our beautiful Ladies just how special they are to us. Something we can do any day actually — but often don’t.

Dudes out here bashing Valentine’s Day are dead wrong! They lamely point out its commercialism and argue it’s strictly for new couples who need to affirm the validity of their relationships.

What I say to them is this,

‘Check this out Bro’, no two people in a love relationship are ever so secure that they couldn’t benefit from an affirmation of love and dedication to one another — even after being together for years — whenever the chance comes up to do so.’

They just answer, “Yeah man, whatev.”… but I know they know I’m right, Baby!


Now Girl, you know I’m grown and sexy, so I don’t need to be instructed on how to orchestrate a special day of love for my woman, but I find myself each year having to hip these suckas out here to the 411 on Valentine Day gifts.

I tell them that if last year they got that generic store-bought card, sent a cold, electronic gesture of affection (ie; a text, phone call, fax or dreaded ‘e-card’ ), bought a giant stuffed teddy bear (what in the world are you suggesting she does with that, dude!?), or just plain ol’ “forgot” the day, and it didn’t go over well… chances are that crap will be even less impressive a year later, when you supposedly should be a lot wiser.hens in rose petal sauce

I told them just one or two more things, and after that it was none of my business, cuz I had some planning of my own to do for your special Valentine’s Day Event (oh yeah, you bet I know and care this day is a big deal to you ladies!)

What I told these guys, was that there are three important words to remember if they want their VDay to go down without a hitch. And those words are personalize, personalize and personalize! Man, you know what your woman loves and needs. Give it all to her on this special day!

Put yourselves wholeheartedly into whatever plans you make. And don’t be afraid to use more imagination and less money when possible. And if your honey is volunteering to plan the activities, be as interactive and attentive as you are when, let’s say, a game is on.

karma sutraExpress yourself, excite yourself, release yourself, surprise yourself.

After all, its your day too, man… “


Lol!! The caption under the pic should’ve been a dead giveaway that this was a gag post Ladies.

H   A   P   P   Y       V   A   L   E   N   T   I   N   E   ‘   S        D   A   Y   


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