Mata Amritanandamayi, Patron Saint Of Hugs.

Mata Amritanandamayi, ‘Patron Saint Of Hugs’

We were created for “touching”.


Thousands of people every year make the journey to a suburb some 30 miles east of San Francisco to the ashram (religious retreat) of Mata Amritanandamayi, a 58-year-old spiritual guru from southern India. Once there, people wait for hours in order to kneel before her and be embraced.

Mata Amritanandamayi, famously referred to as the “hugging saint”,  has embraced and comforted more than 32 million people using her trademark blessing: a big, rapturous hug that admirers describe as transformative, cleansing, an infusion of pure, unconditional love that works on you like a magic elixir.

Mata, embracing the masses.

Mata, embracing the masses.



Imagine that. Having the power to inspire, energize, transform, uplift simply by holding someone in your arms.

We consider the skin to be the largest organ we possess. Tactile and overwrought with nerves and sensory receptors on every centimeter of its surface, can anybody doubt that we were made to touch and be touched? A lot!?

Conversely, we have been conditioned to avoid touching, which these days can result in sexual harassment charges or worse yet, accusations of perversion. We’ve been painfully indoctrinated to “keep our hands to ourselves” or suffer the dire ramifications and consequences.

hugging3Can you even recall the last time you engaged in a full body hug?  When you were given a sensual body massage or better yet — gave one yourself? When was the last time you put your arms around a friend who you hadn’t seen in ages, or languidly took hold of the hand of that special someone while strolling along on a Sunday afternoon? Have you ever rubbed the back of a grown-ass man who was in need of comfort but dared not ask for it? Or felt up your lover for hours just… for the feel of it? 

Because all that energy, all that love that radiates out from you to another from your embrace, your touch,  actually gets projected back onto you, creating an amazing, circuitous, transcendence of the senses!

This, of course, is my own personal theory — feel free to test it out for yourself.


2 responses to “Touchy-Feely

  1. I agree … I can use a hug and give one back. I had a friend by the name of Dorlene who chose to hug everyone she met and the people she knew for years each and every time she saw them. She taught me the secret to a good and wholesome hug. I’ll show when I see you. 🙂



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