How to Get Along With an Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)


Aquarius challenges the status quo, shows you new ways of looking at the world and really forces you to question yourself and everything around you.

Aquarius are extremely intelligent and interesting people to be around. They challenge the status quo, show you new ways of looking at the world and really force you to question yourself and everything around you. However, they can rub some people the wrong way. Understand how an Aquarius works so you can appreciate these individuals to the fullest.

Engage is some intellectual rapport with your Aquarius friend or acquaintance. There’s nothing that an Aquarius appreciates more than mental stimulation. Talk about politics, philosophy, psychology and science to really get her gears turning.

Avoid letting yourself take anything personally in any kind of debate that may naturally occur between you and an Aquarius. It is Aquarius’ nature to grow extremely opinionated and contrary while debating, and he may even take the exact opposite position on a topic to simply force you to see the other side. They are constantly questioning ideas, and while they may be very dogmatic about a concept one day, they might not be the next. Do not let this get to you. If you are bothered by having your ideals coming into question, decline to participate in debate.

Expect an Aquarius to be unpredictable. She may be gregarious, personable and extroverted one day and be quiet and thoughtful the next. She is also given to wild experimentation in her way of doing things. Do not be disturbed by this, it simply comes along with the type of person who is constantly questing for some kind of truth.

Grow a bit of a thicker shell if you’re the sensitive type, because Aquarius tends to “call it like he sees it.” This can be viewed as overly assertive and tactless by some, but Aquarius is just trying to cut past the fluff so that he can get to the center of the matter. If an Aquarius touches on your insecurities or hypocrisies (big or small), it’s better to listen to what he has to say than get angry at him because it is more productive.

Understand that Aquarius can be a very unemotional and detached sign. When growing to be closer and closer friends, you may intuitively start expecting a more sensitive side to emerge that you can open up to. Don’t be disappointed if this does not happen. You can still pour your heart out to an Aquarius and explain every overpowering emotional experience you’ve ever undergone, and she will listen with her undivided attention. It is simply that she processes these things more like a scientist fascinated by how you work, than a sympathizing ear. This does not mean she doesn’t love you or care about you–it’s just the way she is.
source: eHow



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