Roll Over Govnah Christie, You’re Done!


Carve him up! White meat or dark?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has already been carved up and served, so who am I not to join in on the feast? Once you’ve earned the suffix ‘-gate’ after some political faux pas, your goose is as good as cooked anyway. Bridge-gate. Another one for the history books. Republicans like to rank Obama for being “too smart” and too reserved to be a great American President, but look at what happens when you have the polar opposite.

Govenor Christie with his ex-deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly.

Govenor Christie with Bridget Anne Kelly.

Christie, who had benefited from his perceived deft handling of New Jersey’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy in 2012, maintained that until last week, he didn’t know his staff members, ex-deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly and his former campaign manager Bill Stepien, were involved in the incident last September, when lanes at the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, N.J., were closed for four days in retaliation over Fort Lee, NJ’s mayor Mark Sokolich’s refusal to endorse Christie’s re-election bid last November. Both have been fired by the Govenor.

Bill Stepien, Chris Christie's two-time campaign manager.

Bill Stepien

And the real threat to Chris Christie’s White House ambitions, Republican David Wildstein — the former Port Authority official who’s said to be close to Gov. Chris Christie — has taken the fifth and refuses to answer lawmakers’ questions about his involvement. Since the scandal broke, Christi has reported that they were not that close lol!

David Wildstein testifies before the New Jersey state assembly Wednesday.

David Wildstein

 The Governor doesn’t seem to be the type of dude you’d want to piss off by taking matters in your own hands and not consulting with him. Could he have been so blind as not to know he had such naive, vindictive, mobster mentality stooges as his top aides and that they were capable of such a stunt? How you gonna handle the Big Time Gov, if you can’t manage this small an entourage? It sort of brings to mind the faulty vetting process of the John McCain’s presidential campaign staff that allowed crackpot Sarah Palin to slip through the security net. How could Christie’s Cronies not have considered the ramifications and repercussion from such a stunt? They even sent traceable emails on it! Is vengefulness a human characteristic that we all can fall prey to at one time or another? Yes. Do we expect our political representative to subdue that characteristic, at least for the time that they serve in office? Damn straight!! All that remains to be seen, really, is if any of Christie’s dismissed aides roll back over on him. They may have agreed to take the fall for a bigger piece of the pie if he gets the GOP nomination for President in 2016, but today this seems highly unlikely. Now there’s talk of lawsuits and a possible impeachment floating around. (((Diiing!)))  Dinner’s ready!

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