Thicker Than Blood: President Obama’s Bro Writes His Memoirs

Mark Obama Ndesandjo with mother Ruth Ndesandjo.

Baby Mark Obama Ndesandjo, President Obama’s brother, with mother Ruth Ndesandjo.

With family like this…


I tell you, some folks’ blood could use a thickening agent.

I’ve often emphasized the importance of family in several blogs, but I tell you — sometimes Family can screw you over like nobody else can. Maybe it’s because the last thing you want to believe is that blood was not as thick as you expected it to be.

Mark Obama Ndesandjo

Mark Obama Ndesandjo

Case in point: Mr. Mark Obama Ndesandjo, President Barack Obama’s brother (half-brother I know, but I dislike that divisive term), has written a tell-all autobiography.

The self-published memoir, entitled ‘Cultures: ‘My Odyssey of Self-Discovery’, to be released in February, is said to chronicle the author’s life growing up in their father’s Kenyan homeland under an abusive, alcoholic patriarch and his subsequent search for his “identity” in China, where he now lives with his wife (yeah, sorry Ladies, but read on. So far no great loss).

Looking everything like his older sibling, Ndesandjo, born two years after Barack, states in interviews that one of the reasons for publishing his book was in an attempt to “set the President straight” on inaccuracies he claims exist in his best-selling 1995 memoir ‘Dreams From My Father’.

Describing two chapters in his book entitled, ‘My Parents: A Failed Elopement” and “Dissolution: Johnnie Walker Black Label”, Ndesandjo explains,

“Johnnie Walker, Black Label is the whiskey he (Obama Sr.) drank very often, almost daily. I remember him being around more through his scent of the whiskey than his actual face or presence. These are details that I do not think Barack has come to terms with.”

Now it’s well documented that Barack would have had a different experience from his brother because he only met his father once, briefly, in 1970, when he was 10. Barack Obama’s father was not present in his life growing up. Stands to reason he would have a much different perspective of their Dad. What’s there to set straight? Unless you’re somehow insinuating that Obama lied. Not good.

Mr. Ndesandjo claims that he also hopes his book will be able to bridge the gap between he and his brother and forge a stronger bond between them.

“I have reached out to my brother since he became President and he has distanced himself from me and others in our family. Sometimes I think that is the politician within my brother. Barack is naturally reserved, so he would probably be the one that needs to reach out. After 2016, the only difference will be he will no longer be President. We will see what happens.”

Wow. How tired are you of these relatives who claim to want a relationship with their estranged but famous family members, yet go to such great lengths to criticize and capitalize on their connection with them? In public. A sure-fire way to cast doubt on your sincerity. Michelle Obama herself referred to him as the “wayward one” of the family, which he took as a compliment and I’m positive she didn’t mean as one.

Barack Obama visiting with Obama Sr. in 1970.

Barack Obama visiting with Obama Sr. in 1970.

Other statements in his book like, “Barack thought I was too white and I thought he was too black.” only throws chum to the sharks who have been swimming around his brother’s boat since his first day in the Oval Office. I suppose such statements about the President could be construed as some sort of latent sibling rivalry but under the circumstances, it’s very unfamily-like to give ammunition to the folks who can use it against your own brother.

Dude had only two more years to publish whatever he wanted without jeopardizing the validity of President Obama. He would have gotten just as much, if not more, mileage from his book after Barack successfully completed his second term as commander-in-chief of the United States. Right now, Mr. Ndesandjo just comes off looking bitter, disruptive and traitorous. Which I’ll assume he’s knows, sells.

He also knows he wouldn’t have half as interesting a story to tell, if his brother was not who he is.

One response to “Thicker Than Blood: President Obama’s Bro Writes His Memoirs

  1. Look brother dear. ” nobody’s perfect okay!!!!!!!!!! In addition, look what blessing (Barak h. Obama) that came out of the father anyway! God works with broken stuff and makes it soar! I thank God for PRESIDENT BARAK H. OBAMA everyday!!!



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