How to Get Along With a Capricorn (December 23 – January 19)


Capricorn’s sometimes negative frame of mind can be shifted if you are clever enough and can employ some witty humor.

Capricorns can have a dark frame of mind that sometimes gets stuck on achieving goals. So what is it that is so intriguing about them? While befriending a Capricorn isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, her witty, sarcastic humor is usually enough to keep people coming back for more of her company. Here are some ways to avoid rocky Capricorn’s rougher edges:

Approach a Capricorn with a certain amount of caution, and chances are he’ll trust you more. Be slower to open up and he will be comfortable doing the same with you at his own natural speed. Don’t spill all your most intimate secrets the first week you hang out. These folks are slow and steady and not interested in taking anything too fast.

Enjoy some fine dining and wining with your Capricorn friend. Capricorn is the sign of high rank and status, so they love indulging in the finer aspects of life when they can afford to.

Recognize that from time to time, your Capricorn friend might have a tendency to be melancholy or pessimistic. Her sometimes negative frames of mind can be shifted if you are clever enough and can employ some witty humor. Throw in some jokes about how things could be worse, or even how they couldn’t be worse. If you’re witty enough, it might be enough to bring a Capricorn out of her bad mood.

Understand that Capricorn can get stubbornly attached to her goals and become a workaholic. Being a friend of a Capricorn can take skill, because you need to be able to understand when to leave her alone, and when to put in the effort to pull her away from work and show her a little fun.

Demand as much from your Capricorn friend as he does of you. Capricorn can become overbearing and difficult to deal with sometimes; however they are willing to do their part and own up to your requests as a result of it. Frank, straightforward conversation is the best way to deal with making sure you both remain happy in your friendship.

source: eHow


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