You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me

By Guest ‘Word’ Blogger: Gina Conton


Queen Bee

by Gina Conton


You come into my home, as warm and as cozy as it could be, with its thick shag carpets and 60 inch TV.

Filling your belly with rich wine and cheese, you dine on fresh ingredients like Kiwi, Casa Rossa and Brie.

Sitting on the throne of, “May I help you please”, as you suck it all in and forget you have to leave.

You bathe and shave in luxury, with my fine soaps and sweet smells of potpourri,

never thought to bring anything, yet find yourself wondering, lucky for me she has such lovely things.

With belly full, and football views, and smells of the lack of chivalry,
Implying that you wish to take me as your Top – Queen – Bee!?

I deny thee of me, and shocked you cannot be, for lo and behold, you’ve done nothing at all to try to please me…


Illustration by Ryan Monsod

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