Aaaah! That New Mayor Smell – Bill De Blasio Wins NYC Mayorialship

Meet the new First Family of New York!

Meet the new First Family of New York!

New York City elected Bill de Blasio, its first Democratic mayor in two decades. de Blasio crushed Republican Joe Lhota across almost every demographic, and will come into office with a mandate to fight rampant economic inequality, reform controversial NYPD practices, and offer NYers a wide range of normal human emotions, something we haven’t seen in awhile (bye B’Berg!).

His landslide victory, stretching from the working-class precincts of central Brooklyn to the suburbs of southeast Queens, served as a strong rejection of the hard-nosed, business-minded style of governing that pervaded City Hall for the past 20 years.

Mr. de Blasio, 52 years old, will take office as the city’s 109th mayor on January 1, 2014.

SIDEBAR: Conservatives lost big on Election Night 2013 — except For New Jersey which reelected the chunky Chris Christie for governor. Christie’s landslide win gives new force to his national brand as a center-right leader and bolsters his standing as a Republican contender for the White House in 2016.


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