2 responses to “Be This Alive!

  1. I remember years back at Sweet Jimmie’s night club I danced with a man that I’d never seen before. It was that Barry White instrumental … Love’s Theme. No body was on the dance floor. The party was just getting started and as much as I loved that body of music by Mr. White I knew no one was going to dance to it … I don’t believe men knew how to dance to a beat such as that one. He came out of nowhere. I guess he saw my swaying to the music. We dance the best salsa dance of my life (not including my dances with Lolly, hehehe). We were gliding across that floor as if we were walking on air. I swirled and turned, dipped and back stepped without any hesitation and never missed a beat. I was ALIVE! He bought me a drink and I never saw him again.



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