Michele Bachmann: Proof We’re Living In The End of Days

gospel according to michele

“Rather than seeing this as a negative, we need to rejoice, Maranatha, come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand…”  — Michele Bachmann


Rep. Michele Bachmann believes that we’re living in the End Times. Truth be told, so do I, but I’m not about to only blame the President. She claims to have proof.

On Saturday she spread the “Gospel According to Michele Bachmann” on a Christian radio program called ‘Understanding The Times’. On the show she stated,

“President Obama waived a ban on arming terrorists in order to allow weapons to go to the Syrian opposition. Your listeners, U.S. taxpayers, are now paying to give arms to terrorists including al Qaeda.”
 Michele Bachmann

Honestly, if selling arms to the enemy was a prerequisite to the coming of End Times, America would have been Armageddon Central tens of presidential administrations ago. Weapons making and selling is big business around here Michele.

Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman points out though, that Bachmann — who on several occasions during her presidential campaign, has spoken of the second coming of Christ — may have been stretching the truth just a bit in her accusations against Obama;

“The Minnesota congresswoman referred to a decision by the Obama administration to allow vetted Syrian rebels not affiliated with terrorist organizations to help them resist chemical weapons attacks, which was spurred by the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons on civilians,” Tashman wrote. “While the administration’s move is only related to non-lethal, defensive and protective aid, Bachmann falsely claimed that ‘President Obama waived a ban on selling arms to terrorists.”

Indeed, it was just a matter of time before Bachmann would come this close to calling the President The Anti-Christ. And no doubt there are many on the Christian far right and left who will believe her. But Bachmann and others have not come to this far gone conclusion all by themselves.

Hollywood assists a great deal in prophesying the End of The World coming just about around the time America’s has a Black man as President:


Tom Beck (Morgan Freeman) the calm, authoritative President who orders the use of nuclear weapons to destroy a comet on collision course with Earth in 1998’s Deep Impact.


Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover), tasked with the minor job of saving humanity from annihilation in 2012.

The Event

Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood), the newly elected president who finds himself saved from assassination by extra-terrestrial means in the show The Event.


President Lindberg (Tom Lister Jr), the World President in Luc Besson’s 1997 movie The Fifth Element who was working against the clock to solve a riddle that would save earth from destruction.

Truth be told, these Black fictional Presidents fared extremely well in the face of pending “end-of-the-world” worst case scenarios. If you can believe in the wisdom and prophetic abilities of Hollywood producers, than I’d say to Michele and the rest of the world, “Don’t worry, we’re in good hands”.

4 responses to “Michele Bachmann: Proof We’re Living In The End of Days

  1. wow they are so upset that we have a black president!!!!!!!!!
    The problem is they don’t understand that there is nothing they can do about it now. The People Have Spoken!!!!! LOL



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