Something To Cry About: The GOP Shuts Down Washington

boehner crying

“Yeah–you better cry!”

Sitting on the sidelines with the rest of America, slowly taking in the fact that the GOP House has just shutdown the Federal government, I’m wondering what their real point was.

Right now the Republican Party aka The Tea Party, is coming off as a bunch of frat brothers raising hell on campus during a wild night of hazing and partying. A dumbbell mentality of mob rule and terrorism, simply because they have the newfound ability and power to do so.

No strategy, no compromising, no sensible plan A, B or even C. Just shouts of “Shut it down!” when the Senate refused to comply with a stop to the mandate of the Healthcare Reform Act in exchange for a continuing resolution to pay the country’s bills on time.

Speaking shortly before the first House vote Monday, Boehner said the measure to delay the mandate was about fairness:


“I would say to the president: This is not about me. This is not about Republicans here in Congress. It’s about fairness for the American people.”

But a recent survey of the American people conducted over the weekend begs to differ. About 60 percent of the 803 U.S. adults polled said they want lawmakers to “pass a budget agreement to avoid the shutdown!”

It had to be obvious to any GOPer with brains that the party would bear the brunt of the blame for this shutdown. What is the Republican plan to offset that blame, or have they not even thought that far ahead?

And now that they have proven that they can shutdown an entire government, what’s the Tea Party’s next mission for the hostage-looking Speaker Boehner?

We do finally know one thing for sure. What all John Boehner’s crying was about.


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