The Quik Cook! International Favorites: The Falkland Islands

 The Quik Cook! continues with national cuisine favorites from around the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! Today’s port-of-call: The Falkland Islands for Rack of Lamb With Mint & Honey Sauce.


The Falkland Islands, due to their isolated location, rely on local produce, much grown hydroponically, and lamb or mutton for the bulk of the diet. Much of the cuisine reflects the English heritage, and snack bars and hotel restaurants provide meals.



Rack Of Lamb with Mint & Honey Sauce


Prep & Cook Time: 45 minutes

Makes: 2 to 3 servings


1 rack of lamb
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp chopped mint
3 tbsp honey
salt and pepper
lemon zest (optional)


1.  Brown the ribs in a small amount of oil and transfer to a oven-proof dish.

2.  Meanwhile, mix the honey with the mint and lemon zest, then brush over the rack of lamb. Roast at 350 degrees until an internal thermometer reads 145 degrees (this will give you medium-rare lamb, cook for longer if you like your meat a little more well-done).

3.  Baste with the pan juices before serving. Serve with a green salad and baked potatoe with butter and grated parmesean cheese, Falkland style!


Next Stop: Gabon, Central Africa!



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