Giving Birth To BRILLIANCE

By Guest Blogger: son of man


“The hidden jewel of our brilliance – a seed that is inherent in each of us – is a baby in its mother’s womb.”

This is a true story, inspired by you. Not only is this a true story that is inspired by you, but it’s a true story about you.

A story that you have given birth to, yet a story that you probably don’t even know.

It’s a story about your radiant exceptionalism though seemingly lost in the dullness of the mundane. It’s about your outstanding luminosity all but drowned in the in the fictitious myth of your common-ness.

A trashy common novel with no intrigue or plot has been written about you. All the while, a sparkling gem of an original and timeless classic remains buried in the bookshelves of your soul waiting to be born. This is a story about your brilliance.

The hidden jewel of our brilliance — a seed that is inherent in each of us — is a baby in its mother’s womb.

When mother reaches down deep to the part of the bookshelf of rarely read gems, she simultaneously reaches up to the poetic and enlightening words of that original and timeless classic that feeds the baby his true milk. You are what you eat and a sparkle of brilliance has just flickered in the eye of the child.

To be brilliant is to be you…uniquely you. Resist the invitation to be introduced as a character in that common novel written by other than your brilliant self.

Brilliance is the stars vivid light in the background of the night sky.

Brilliance dazzles. The same materials that illuminate the cosmos are the materials of which you are made…literally. So brilliance is yours by nature.

Be your brilliant self and find the radiant light in yourself. Use it to light the way as you travel on your path up the road from moments of slight brilliance to a lifetime of brilliance that can be studied by others and used as a light in their darkest hours. The same way we use the luminous radiance of the stars to see — so shall your brilliance light the way of those who will walk the path after you.

Frederick Douglass’ brilliance was a sparkle in the darkness of a Plantation and grew to be the brilliant star that moved a president towards emancipation.

Sir Isaac Newton saw brilliance in motion and attraction and became the embodiment of attraction. He became the brilliant twinkle that attracted the seeker of knowledge like moth to a flame.

The Son of Man says, “Know that the obstacles of life are only tools used brilliantly by Mother Nature and Father Time to apply pressure to forge the diamond that is you”. The facet of a diamond is but one side of a many-sided thing. The brilliance of the diamond is the light bouncing off of one facet at a time. Your brilliance may come in one moment, one action, one thought at a time, but the brilliance is yours.”

Read from the bookshelves of rarely read gems and be the original that stands out brilliantly from the rest. As stars shine in front of the dark blue skies, so can you shine in front of the dark blueprint laid by fools.

The Son of Man says, “Brilliance is a gift of itself to the darkness.”

To those who have an ear let him hear.

~ By Son Of Man

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