Children At Play: PBS Interviews Syrian President Bashar Assad

The interview, was conducted on Sunday at the Presidential Palace in Damascus and was Assad’s first with an American journalist in two years.

Assad argued it was “stupid” to suggest that Syrian forces bombed the suburbs outside of Damascus where the chemical weapons attack occurred in an effort to cover up evidence.

obama and putin“How could bombardment cover the evidence? The– technically, it doesn’t work. How? This is stupid, to be frank. This is very stupid,” Assad said.

The U.S. is currently considering whether or not to take military action against Syria in response to reports that Assad’s regime used chemical weapons on his own people last month, a clear escalation in the country’s bloody, years-long civil war.

The U.S. “should expect everything… expect every action,” if it strikes Syria, Assad said — later adding “not necessarily from his government.”

When asked by Charlie Rose if he thought  he had crossed the redline with the use of chemical weapons, Assad responded, “What red line? Obama drew that line and Obama can draw that line for himself and his country, not for other countries.”

Secretary of State John Kerry Kerry previously told HuffPost that “it’s not President Obama’s red line, it’s a global red line, it is the multilateral community that has drawn this line”.

So why is it that the US is the only country doing the enforcing?

The Syrian president also denied that his forces were in the region where sarin gas was reportedly used on Aug. 21, and even insisted that his own troops were victims, Kerry has refutes this claim, arguing these are “words that are contradicted by fact.”

Kerry also said the conflict could be resolved if Assad placed his chemical weapons arsenal under international control, a suggestion reinforced by Russia. Syria responded, implying that they would accept this proposal.

Will Assad’s stated acceptance of this proposal, in fact halt,  the need for further US intervention into this region? Let’s hear what  President Obama has says about it today.


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