No Pain, No Gain


Job walkout! Plenty of us have thought about it, but how many of us would actually have the guts to go through with it? Along with a few other fellow employees at that!

Three employees of retail store Journeys in Rochester, New York have dramatically quit their jobs, leaving a very public sign to their boss as a letter of resignation. Imagine all the lessons this ex-boss has learned, all at once!:

“Dear Jamie,

Since you’ve decided to say “cancer is not an excuse” and think its ok to swear at your employees like you do ALL the time …WE QUIT.

*This is why you can’t keep a store manager longer than a year. YOU ABUSE your role AND staff.

Enjoy the fact that you lost a store manager, co-manager and a key holder in the middle of Back to School. Think next time you treat people the way you do.


Niki, Jess, TJ. “

Yeah, times are tough. But what doesn’t kill you makes you … WHAT?

That’s right.


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