Dear Barack Obama, This Is About Syria.

By Guest Blogger: Ezra Grant @

dear prez. obama, about syria

“Dear Mr. President, a red line does not a war make.


Personally, I agree with the British parliament on this one. No to a war or any military engagement in Syria. It is time we stop trying to be the world’s police and look after our own affairs here at home for a change.

We need the investments here. Buildings are deteriorating, bridges are falling down and major cities are filing for bankruptcy. The American worker is physically and mentally spent, because they are forced to accept jobs that cannot and will not pay the bills, while being asked by greedy employers to do more.

This is not the time to be Randy Macho-man Savage. It is not the time to measure the size of your kahunas because you made a statement about a red line. A red line does not a war make.

Sure, I agree that the decision to gas innocent Syria civilians amount to the most serious of crimes, but that action requires the international community to be on the same page and united in their response. And if the international community thinks it’s best that Syria handle their own affairs, then so be it.

You ran on ending wars and rebuilding the American economy. And for the most part,  you’ve been doing that. Let’s not get sidetracked by how the Republicans would spin the story if you decided to do what you ran on. No matter what your decision is, they will find a way to denounce you for it.

the-national-defense-budget-in-public-hands-92874-e1342479018932Will they call you a weak leader if you decide to invest here at home? Sure they will. Will they call you a weak leader if you decide to fire missiles into Syria from the safety of ships anchored in the ocean? Yes, they will still.

And who cares what other world leaders would think? It was under your leadership that we got Osama bin Laden. And it is under your leadership that we are getting some of the most dangerous terrorists the world has ever known. No world leader would truly say America lacks leadership if you decide against military intervention. On the contrary, it will take real leadership to decide against dropping the bombs.

The military industrial complex would be furious if you don’t follow through with the red line ultimatum. There is a whole lot of money to be made and the stock market is already investing heavily in these weapon manufacturers, in the hope that you will drop the bombs. But consider this: the price of each bomb dropped could be a dilapidated school renovated, a run down bridge renovated, roads built, cities rejuvenated. It could mean sticking to what you ran on and  ending wars instead of creating them.

Think about it, a President of the United States actually investing in  the United States? What a concept!


Ezra Grant


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