Let’s Agree…We Agreed To This

By Guest Blogger: son of man

lets agree we agreed to this

“What would happen if we agree to relearn what love is and agree to love, and then agree to love even bigger on a broader scale and in deeper ways?”


We can be very disagreeable at times. Co-workers, friends, family and neighbors, we have all found ourselves at some point being disagreeable with one another. Heaven knows anyone who has ever been married knows that. “Where ya going? Don’t go THERE, go HERE”. “Why are you driving in THAT direction? Go THIS way”. ” Why ya say TOMATO? Say ‘TO-MAH-TO.” “My way or the highway.”

We’re disagreeable. Over time we hope that we can come to a consensus and find a happy medium or at least we hope that we can agree to disagree and keep on striding forward. Or we simply sleep on the couch and say to hell with it.

As to ‘why’ are we so disagreeable… since I know that I certainly can be and since everything starts with self, I agreed with myself to give it some thought.

As a man I am a result of my thoughts, my actions, my environment, decisions I’ve made, the agreements that I’ve made with myself and the effects of those agreements. As a society we are as well — a product of our agreements.

This morning somebody somewhere decided that his pants should sag down below his buttocks and that this makes a good fashion statement and another one agreed and did the same. Unfortunately, a person need not know from where a concept or idea originated to agree with it. For most of us; all we need is to see it or hear it for us to agree with it and do it.

Where a concept or action comes from has influence on us who agree and follow that concept. So the root of an idea should be considered before we would agree. The root idea of the above mentioned “fashion statement” of sagging pants originated in the prison culture where belts are confiscated upon arrival. We can clearly see by the condition of much our society that our collective belts of rational, clear thinking and individual ideas have been confiscated and we have agreed to let our mental and moral pants sag all the way down under our asses.

The nasty origin from which the ideas we’ve agreed with is starting to show. Its time to make a new agreement with ourselves on a broader scale and in deeper ways.

What would happen if we agree to relearn what love is and agree to love, and then agree to love even bigger on a broader scale and in deeper ways?

The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

What would happen if through our example another would agree and do the same? Over time, the creative force of our collective minds can evolve a ‘new truth’ and a new reality.  People who have heard of the 20th century artist Pablo Picasso usually agree that his works of art are great. Maybe so. But when we study the pathology of how we come to such a consensus or agreement we’d find that somebody had an opinion, someone else agreed, folklore grew around the artist and his work and as a result it’s generally excepted without question that such a subjective thing as Mr. Picasso’s art qualifies  as “great” — and they may very well be. But the question is, “From where does your agreement come?.”  Those who don’t join in the chorus are dismissed as ‘uncultured’. What have we agreed to do with those who don’t follow the herd?

Its time for a new agreement.

We have agreed as a society that small paper notes with numbers on them actually have value, now we literally spend our blood, sweat and tears to attain these notes. We fight and kill each other over this. These notes stand as a daily reminder of the power of our collective minds when we agree. If you have more of these notes the perception that others have of you changes whether you are of high moral standings or not.

What if we made a new agreement about what is valuable? What if we valued a service and in turn received a service? A lesson for lesson? How would that affect our society?

If I saw the beauty and benefit in something that comes from your creative mind and soulful product, how would that improve on what we value and how we value each other? How long would blood for oil wars last if a nation strived to develop its potential to have something to trade with oil rich nations? And oil rich nations who are poor in other areas did the same?

Lets agree, its time for a new agreement. Those who are formally educated or religious, you are the leaders in a society where most aren’t conscious of their own ‘leader within’. What is it that you have agreed with? If its roots are pure, you are at peace. If serenity and morality escapes you, check the root of that with which you’ve agreed, because you are the excepted ‘gatekeepers’ and others will agree with you.

Somebody’s theory — through constant repetition — is accepted and eventually we agree that its truth. From this agreement we fashion reality and become emotionally attached to an idea having no idea from whence it came.

As a result somewhere a black child is being shaped and fashioned in the image of a thought that he/she is worthless and will grow up to make it so.

Somewhere a soldier who simply wanted to pay for school is now a murderer of his fellowman because of an agreement that he is facing an enemy.

Somewhere a nurse is comforting a patient who once felt hopeless and somewhere a teacher is honing his/her craft because they have agreed that there is healing in their work.

The son of man says, let us agree…its time for a new agreement.

To those that have an ear let him/her hear.

By son of man

4 responses to “Let’s Agree…We Agreed To This

  1. If we can all agree to not agree in everything without holding a “grudge”, then, will we all be “free”! Great blog my dear sister!!!!



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