The Green Mile…

sky Vegetables

Rooftop Farming

I love it when the ‘wave of the future’ comes splashing right up to my wiggling toes!

Today it comes in the form of a company called SkyVegetables, headed by CEO Bob Fireman.

Based on a simple concept utilizing otherwise wasted space on big rooftops to grow fresh vegetables, rooftop farming can be incorporated on top supermarkets, schools, public housing…anywhere there’s a roof and a need for easy access to fresh, wholesome food.

Rooftop farms are self-sustaining, complexes using solar energy, rainwater catchment, wind turbines and living-machine style aquaponics, all functioning 24/7, 365 days a year in all-weather conditions.

Affordable housing developer Les Bluestone has taken this concept one step further by incorporating affordable housing and sustainable living sky farms with the newly built Bronx, NYC residence Arbor House. The nearly $38 million housing complex has 124 units of affordable housing and will feature a hydroponic rooftop farm for growing fresh vegetables.

Fireman says,

 ”Local, fresh, nutritious food is what the people of the cities need. And there is no reason why we can’t turn all of these rooftops into living farms.”

No reason whatsoever…I can see it all now!…


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