Candy Man

weed world van poster.

“Marijuana has had a bad rap for too many years, man. Its time is now.” —  Judah Izsraael, activist and co-owner of Weed World Candies

Bilal Muhammad a.k.a. “Dro Man” is a resident of  Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan, New York and sells marijuana on the streets of New York.

And he does it from a big green truck that advertises deliveries.

But before you go running out into the streets to flag down one of these colorful vans, check this out first: Mr. Muhammad, owner of Weed World Candies,  sell his cannabis in the form of lollipops!

With flavors derived from brands of  marijuana such as “Lemon Drop Kush”, “AK-47″, ” Keisha”, “Girl Scout Cookies”, “Purple Urkle”, “Strawberry Cough”, “Heroijuana” & “Blue Dream”,  Weed World Candies’ co-owner, 44 y.o. Judah Izsraael claims his candies contain “only a small, yet legal, amount of  THC” — the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets you stoned.

Now, while its highly questionable that there is actually a “legal amount” of THC allowed  under federal law, it is true that the weed candy wagon has been rolling around the Big Apple since April, and so far they’ve not been hassled by the law. As a matter of fact, this past Monday, one of their vans passed me on street in midtown as I muttered to myself , “What in the heck are they advertising?”

“Marijuana has had a bad rap for too many years, man,” said Izsraael, 43.  “Its time is now.”

Dro Man, a prior owner of one of the many West Hollywood, Los Angeles medicinal dispensaries that were forced to shut down earlier this month, has decided to take his business on the road.

He adds that the company was an advocate of the industrialization of marijuana, “and to industrialize it, you’d have to de-criminalize marijuana because you have to grow it. This is part of our mission, because hemp is used for a lot of medicinal things. It’s not a drug. Drugs are manufactured.”

Weed World Candies also makes brownies, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, muffins too!

Hmmm…this warrants some further investigating, yes?!…


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